Anatomy Models For Sale- A review

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Anatomical models are great educational tools assisting the study of functions of body systems as well as the external and internal structure of human body. The doctors and healthcare professionals can take benefit from the anatomy model because of the realistic view. To facilitate the students and professional manufacturers have made exclusive models and have place anatomy models for sale in the stores and on websites for online purchases.

Other than the educational purpose of medical students and doctors, these anatomical models are used by doctors to educate their patients. Accommodating to build a transparent relationship with the patient, even the patients understand the situation better with the visual demonstration through anatomy models.

There is a wide range of anatomy models for sale including; brain models, skeleton model, heart model, the muscle model, the circulation, nervous and digestion system, and individual joints, spines and bones. Following are the description of few anatomy models for sale that could be helpful for knowledge acquisition. 

The brain model
The brain model is medially divided, both the halves of the brain model can be disassembled into, half of the cerebellum, half of the brain stem, temporal with occipital lobes and frontal with parietal lobes. Each part is represented by a respective color for a better understanding.

The digestive system model
The digestive system is also found in the anatomy models for sale. Digestive system models are designed according to the organs involved in this system such as the stomach model, rear organs of the upper abdomen, liver and gallbladder model. Models of diseases in relation to these organs are also available such as the gastric band model, the ulcer model or the intestinal diseases.

The heart model
Students specializing in the field of cardiology can benefit from the heart model. It facilitates in understanding the blood flow and the anatomy of the heart. The heart model shows the cardiac valves both during diastole and systole. It is dissected in the median to demonstrate the flow path of deoxygenated and oxygenated blood. The red and blue colors are used to distinguish the half of the heart that contains oxygen-rich blood and the other that contains low oxygen blood respectively.

The urology model
From the anatomy models for sale students of urology can take benefit and buy the urology model. The set of urology model may include the entire system or organs separately. The dual sex urinary system model will help to educate both systems together along with identifying the differences between systems of both genders. Easily removable organs in the model help to alter the structure according to the study topic.

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