An Introduction To Picking The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle

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Are the numerous tyre models available making you feel lost and confused? To help you make a more educated decision, we've distilled and clarified the broad classifications of tyres in this guide. Friends and relatives ask us, "What Hankook Tyres Andover should I get because we are automobile people. These questions can seem innocent and basic, but the truth is that the answers rely on them on a wide range of variables, so they are not all that useful.

As an illustration, consider the vehicle type the tyre sizes that are thus offered for that vehicle and the owner's intended use. In the same manner that there are several different kinds of shoes for cross-training, jogging, and basketball. To meet the demands of various cars and driving styles, there are several types of tyres on the market.

The next step is to select what features your ideal set of tyres should have, or what use case you have in mind. Are they quiet, grippy, cosy, and affordable? These are all illustrations of tyre qualities, but like with everything in life. In general, tyres fall into one of the five groups listed below each with advantages and disadvantages:

Mainstream Tyres:

The widely used mainstream tyres are thus provided every day driven automobiles with good value for money. In addition to being very cost-effective popular tyres often don't have any performance qualities that stand out.

Benefits include low cost, extensive availability, and the widest range of sizes and a longer tyre lifespan.

Cons: Cheaper brands may last less time and perform less than premium-comfort tyres. They may also be louder.

Examples are Falken Ziex, Michelin Energy, and Goodyear Assurance.

Ideal for: Small to medium-sized family cars, SUVs, and MPVs.

'Eco' Tyres:

Eco tyres are for you if you wish to maximise economy and save fuel expenses. They have building techniques that improve fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance the friction caused by the road and your tyres.

Benefits include reduced rolling resistance, increased mileage and fuel efficiency silent operation, and long tyre lifespan.

Cons: Expensive compared to standard tyres, limited size selection and less cornering traction than other tyre types.

Examples include the following tyre brands: Nexen N Blue, and Hankook Kinergy. Yokohama BluEarth, Pirelli Cinturato, and Bridgestone Ecopia.

Ideal for: Anybody trying to reduce their gasoline costs. Suitable for electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid cars.

SUV Rubber:

Due to their unique design, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are heavier and higher than their sedan counterparts. They require tyres that are both reasonably silent comfortable, and cost-effective while still being able to handle it the added load and greater centre of gravity.

Benefits: Built for taller, heavier cars; long-lasting tyres; quiet and pleasant ride

Cons: Limited size selection and more pricey than standard tyres

Examples are Yokohama Geolandar, Pirelli Scorpion, and Bridgestone Alenza.

Ideal for: big MPVs and SUVs

Comfort Tyres:

Everybody who works a regular job loves comfort and refinement, and comfort (sometimes called touring) tyres best showcase those attributes. Yet, such tyres are not only beneficial for luxury vehicles like Audis, BMWs, Lexuses, or Mercedes-Benzes anybody may enjoy a more pleasant ride, even if they're driving a car from a popular brand.

Advantages: Designed to be quieter, and have greater tread life a reasonable selection of tyre sizes, and have higher grip levels than standard tyres

Runflat tyres are more expensive than the standard and environmentally friendly tyres, and they cannot be getting fixed.

Examples include the following tyre brands. Michelin Primacy, Continental PremiumContact, Goodyear EfficientGrip, and Pirelli Cinturato.

Who Should Use It: Anybody seeking a quieter and more comfortable ride although it's best for medium- and large-sized sedans especially those from high-end continental brands.

Performance Tyres:

Sports and high-performance automobiles require tyres that will enable them to operate at their peak performance while yet maintaining a respectable degree of general ride comfort and a reasonably long tyre lifespan. Performance tyres meet this need by giving passionate drivers who want to accelerate out of curves and turns with the best handling road holding and steering-wheel feel. These tyres often have classifications ranging from Max- to Ultra- to Extreme-Performance.

Strong levels of steering feel and cornering grip

Cons: Often the priciest type of tyre the faster rate of wear, smaller size selection, louder and perhaps worse fuel efficiency

For instance, Goodyear Eagle F1, and Pirelli P Zero,  Michelin Pilot Sport, Yokohama Advan, and Hankook Ventus.

Ideal for: Sports vehicles, performance sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs


It becomes clear why vehicle type and use case must be into consideration when choosing Mobile Tyre Fitting Andover for one's automobile after examining the benefits and drawbacks of each of the aforementioned categories. For instance, installing performance tyres on the family's daily-driven Honda Civic is pointless unless the vehicle is also utilised for performance-oriented activities like time trials and track days; otherwise, it will be a literal exercise in burning money can only be thus answered after taking this into account the size and supply of the tyres, the kind of vehicle, and the intended usage. Continue buying what the wallet offers after that.

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