Continental Tyres: An Introduction And Types

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Continental is a premium tire brand and their bike tires are perfectly packed with technologies. They are custom-designed to improve your ride. Tyres Reading provides mountain bikes and hybrid tires. They also offer the performance you need to get the most out of your ride. From extra grippy but fast-rolling rubber compounds to puncture protection.

Types of Tyres

Continental offers a wide range of different tire types and puncture protection technologies. Some protect against tread punctures, while others protect the sidewalls from abrasions and cuts. Racers will prefer a lightweight tire, while commuters will appreciate more puncture protection. Consequently, different kinds of tires balance protection with weight according to the type of riding.

Protection (MTB)

Protection is a "floating" belt that is somewhat placed inside the casing of MTB tires. The tread and sidewalls are equally protected. These tires are 25% lighter and offer 30% more puncture protection. More than their DuraSkin-protected predecessors. Rolling resistance and absorption have also been significantly improved.

Protection Apex (MTB)

They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of enduro mountain bike racing. In addition to the ProTection layer. These Apex tires have a sidewall layer that offers extra support. This gives you extra protection against a puncture even when the tire pressure is low.

Apex (MTB)

The Apex offers extra protection and support for downhill MTB tires. sitting on the bead between the 2-layer casing and reinforcing the sidewalls. This protects the tire and rim from impacts when driving on rough terrain. The Apex does not bend over the sides of the rim under lateral loads and always stays true to course.

RaceSport (MTB)

Designed for cross-country mountain bike racing. RaceSport tires have a lightweight carcass made from a durable fabric casing. That offers better protection against a flat tire. RaceSport tires are hand-made in Germany from fine, high-quality nylon fabric.

With an expensive protective rubber lining and a universal bead. With 30% better puncture protection than Supersonic tires and Black Chili rubber, these are the tires you need for XC and Marathon MTB races.

ECO (hybrid)

Energy-saving ECO tires are uniquely optimized for e-bikes and offer extra durability. It is to cope with the extra propulsion. These tires provide low rolling resistance. Also with good puncture protection thanks to their extremely high-quality construction.

PolyX Breaker (road, MTB)

PolyX Breaker is a densely woven layer of polyester fibres that sits under the tire tread. The layer of polyester fibres is tightly woven across and is highly resistant to foreign objects. Which penetrates through the shell. This puncture-reducing technology does not adversely affect rolling resistance.

Vectran Breaker (road, MTB)

The Vectran breaker represents the pinnacle of puncture protection. Highly resistant to punctures and cuts. the Vectran breaker does not slow down the tire. Vectran is a liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) that originates from Vectra liquid polymer. It is properly processed into a multifilament yarn. Vectran has enormous tear resistance at a very low weight and offers maximum protection under the tread.

Safety System (hybrid)

The SafetySystem is an aramid reinforced fabric that sits under the tire tread. It offers lightweight puncture protection. The flexible layer quickly conforms to the surface underneath so it doesn't affect the tire's performance. Giving you a fast-rolling, comfortable tire with some puncture protection.

Revolution Tubeless Ready (MTB)

RTR or Revolution Tubeless Ready technology is Continental's name for their tubeless tires. Designed for use with tubeless sealant, RTR is mainly found in all ProTection and Performance mountain bike tires.

Safety Plus (hybrid)

The Safety Plus technology combines the SafetySystem Breaker with a highly elastic material. Which is ideal for e-bikes. Extremely resistant to punctures and cuts. the elasticity of the tire offers particularly low rolling resistance. Safety Plus is already adapted for higher acceleration and higher speeds in corners.

Puncture Protection (Hybrid)

Tires with a Puncture ProTection brake are the most affordable way to protect against a flat tire. These robust rubber hammers are mostly in combination. with the rubber-reinforced tire, sidewalls guarantee high protection against punctures and wear. Curl-free tires with clear focus and durability.

DuraSkin (road, MTB)

DuraSkin is an ultra-light cut-resistant casing that wraps around the tire casing. Designed to protect the sidewalls and tread from real road cuts and cuts, this technology is mainly found on all Gatorskin tires. DuraSkin tires stand out with their brown sidewalls.

Hardshell (road, MTB)

Thanks to the broader PolyX protective layer in combination with DuraSkin sidewalls. Hardshell-ProTection offers excellent protection against punctures. A three-layer layer with a 60 TPI skeleton covers the entire tire. Continental Tyres Reading are the flagship of puncture protection racing tires.

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