Amazing Tips To Purchase The Best Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

by Geoffreys Diamonds Designer Jewelry & Diamond Rings

You are thinking to pick the one from cushion cut engagement rings but there you have some confusion as well, then not to worry, you will come to know about the ring from this article. Read it properly and you have the information.

What is the cushion cut?

When you want to know about the cushion cut engagement ring, then you just know the fact that this is a combination of modern and round brilliant-cut pattern diamond. It gives you the classic approach and you will love the old mine facet pattern diamond cut. If you are thinking about the shape, then it comes in a soft square or even rectangular along with curved edges. Now, you must have the images in your mind. Surely, that is similar to that. It appears like a pillow with the combination of a square cut with rounded corners. Now, you surely, know why this is called the same. If you are thinking about the price, then it will never be the same as the rounded one. This will be less.

Color, clarity & cut

The cushion cut engagement ring is not good if you are thinking about color. So, it will be good to be attentive towards it and go with the perfect grade. The same is applicable for the clarity as well. You should choose minimum the grade S 12. Remember that below the same, it will not look good. If you can allow yourself to pay extras for it, then it will be good for the ring clarity as well. When you are thinking about the cut, then go that will be excellence or very good because this gets the right ratio of the width and length.

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The pros and cons of the same

When you will take a look at the cushion cut rings, you will find many advantages and disadvantages of the same. You have to get the information about the same a well before finalizing the one.


1.      The brilliance cushion cut ring will be that can’t be found in anything else. Obviously, the look will be awesome. It gives you wonderful fulfillment of your desire related to the same.

2.      If you want to make the personalized ring, then you will find the cushion cut diamond rings awesome. Whatever you want to add, you just go for it, and the look will be awesome, no doubt about the same.

3.      The chances of the damages will be less as it has the rounded edges. So when you will own the same, then you will basically get the durability that will be the primary need for having the engagement ring. So, enjoy it and no worries about the sudden hurt and more.

4.      The combination of the classic and modern touché you will find here that will be impossible to get fro, anything else. So, don’t waste your time and have something that will be timeless.

5.      The price you need to pay will be pocket-friendly. Obviously, this benefit will push you more to choose this ring.


1.      You may find the issues in the color. Obviously, it gives the wrong impacts on the overall presentation. It can be the reason that may pull you from selecting this cushion cut diamond ring.

2.      Here, you find the open table and this means that the imperfection can be identified very easily. When this will be something witnessed, then how you can think to purchase the one from the options of the cushion cut engagement rings. You may try to avoid it. So, hold yourself and then take the decision.


You have to understand that for the general public, it will be impossible to get the conception about the same and then purchasing of the cushion cut engagement ring can be done. So, know the things you should find in the ring and as per the same, you can check the certificate. If here you find the positive things, then it will be the one, you may go with the same. Remember that having a perfect graded ring will not be an option; this will be a mandatory thing so that your investment can be saved rightly and also it keeps enhancing the gorgeousness.

Well, as you know all from here, so you have complete information about the engagement ring in diamond. You know the things that will be beneficial, and the one can be the reason for the wrong one. Now, purchasing will never be a problem for you. So, time is to make the right decision and also plan the day outstandingly. Don’t forget to share the pictures that you have owned and the look it gives. Surely, it creates the right memories, and storing it will make these moments live for a lifetime. Whenever you will find the same after years, it will give you the same happiness. 

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