Amazing Things you can do with your Android TV

by Tanjni Pache Content Writer
Everyone wants a Smart TV these days, and it's quite comprehensive because it's such a mind-blowing thing to own one. The concept of Google's Android on TV makes it so much easier to use with a much faster interface. It's almost like using a smartphone but with a much larger screen. And given equally awesome upgrades and features like UHD and Artificial Intelligence, it definitely takes the game to the next level. Today I'll elaborate on my iFFalcon F2A series and what fun things I experienced with the Smart TV.

The F2A is a 2K Android AI TV which itself signifies how powerful and efficient the TV is. It has everything you can expect from a modern-day television which includes the best resolution, a 49-inch screen and amazing Dolby sound, great on-screen features, sleek and beautiful graphics all within a decent purchase.

A Smart TV can be used for many purposes. It has access to Play Store and other Play services which makes it quite convenient to download and remove apps as per your preference. Then you have the Google Assistant via which you can get to search a lot of things just like your phone. If you aren’t aware of what you can do with your Smart TV, here are some options-

Web Browsing - I can browse through a website quite easily. If you're a reader and want to explore the latest news, you can simply sit back on your sofa and browse through every newest happening that makes you aware. If you love reading blogs or visiting video portals, you can do it with your TV. It'll undoubtedly be bigger and better than your laptop or computer. There are some designated browsers via which you can surf or you can also connect your laptop with an HDMI cable. And obviously, you can adjust the font size.

Play Games - Playing games is an essential aspect of Android. With the 2K Android TV, you can play high-resolution games and enjoy the experience much better than your smartphone. You may argue that you can also cast your phone gaming with the TV, but that won’t be UHD. Your remote may not be as smooth as a game controller, but it does make you have amazing gaming hours.

Live Feed Streaming - A cricket match, an online convention or a tech summit, you know you can catch the live streaming on your phone screen but won't it look much better on the bigger screen? You can download apps which feature online live streaming videos and host a watch party for the same.

Fitness App - Going to the gym can be a hassle. Fixed timings and tight office schedules can prevent you from a gym membership. But you can bring the gym to your home. There are various fitness apps available that you can follow and practice in your home. With a bigger screen, it's always easier to follow the instructions as it’s an expanded view. You will also find fitness tracker apps via which you can keep a regular check on your health and progress.

Weather Report - With Google Assistant and AI, you can check the weather conditions in your area or of a particular place you want to visit. Google itself provides live weather reports of every place and region, you can go through those on. For even more detailed inspection you can download apps or visit certain news portals where you can find an in-depth analysis.

Social Media - There are tailored apps versions for the use of social media in televisions. You can read a funny tweet or watch a hilarious video that your friend has posted which you want to enjoy with a group. Or, you can browse through Instagram to check out some amazing shots, everything can be done with your Smart TV.

If your Smart TV has the AI technology, you can do a gazillion things which were not possible with televisions earlier. Owning an iFFalcon AI Smart TV is really a great thing.

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