Amazing Rewards of Performing Hajj

by Ronie William Hajj Umrah Package
Hajj is the most sacred, mandatory to perform once in a lifetime and highly rewarding worship for Muslims. It is one of the five main pillars of Islam and without performing Hajj the faith of a person remains incomplete. Similar to this worship there is another worship called Umrah that is performed at any time through cheap Umrah packages and is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet. Hajj is more rewarding than Umrah as it is Fardh act and is highly recommended in Holy Quran and Hadith. 
Hajj is beneficial for Muslims:
Hajj is beneficial for Muslims to enhance the positive character of Muslims and to bring different kinds of changes in human beings according to Islam. There is a need of worship that should help Muslims achieve perfection in life and to make relations with other Muslim brothers. It is an easy step in becoming close to Allah and His Rasool and making Allah happy. Hajj provides many advantages to its performers. These are:
1. Becoming the guest of Allah:
Allah is the Greatest and Merciful and warmly welcomes all those Muslims who take rounds of His House. Performer of Hajj becomes the guest of Allah and Allah serves him with His bounties and blessings. Allah becomes kind and close to those who visit Holy Kabah and perform all the rites of Hajj. 
2. Forgiveness of past sins:
The other benefit or advantage of Hajj is that it provides rid from the sins and person becomes pure by performing it. He visits the sacred sites having association with Holy Prophet and also his companions. A person becomes like newly born baby and purifies himself from the sinful life. Holy Prophet ordered to remain away from bad activities for achieving purification of soul during Hajj. 
3. Removal of poverty:
Allah removes poverty from the lives of those who spend money only for Allah to perform Hajj. Allah provides ten times than that which a person spends for Allah. We get our income increased from many known or unknown sources when we spend money for Allah. 
4. Hajj as a learning journey:
Hajj acts as a learning journey for Muslims because a Muslim passes from many positive steps for preparation of Hajj. Meeting all the relatives, apologizing for misdoings with them, respecting parents, remaining away from sins, increasing number of worships, performing the rites of Hajj and remaining simple are things that are the result of journey of Hajj and all these things help Muslims learn a lot from their life. 
5. Visit of Islamic historical places:
Hajj journey provides a chance to have a round of all the places of Islamic historical importance. Holy Haram, Safa, Marwa, Maqam e Ibrahim, plain and mount of Arafat are the sacred sites in Makkah. Masjid e Nabvi, Masjid e Bilal, Jannat ul Baqi and Roza of Rasool are all the places to visit in Madinah. These places help use strengthen our faith. 
6. Spending money for Allah: 
With the help of Hajj journey, a Muslim also learns to spend money for Allah. His greed to save a great amount of money gets removed from his heart. He always tries his hard to give his time, money and even everything to Allah Almighty. 
7. Reward equal to that of Jihad:
Jihad has great importance in Islam and it is the best way of protecting Islam against enemies. Few Muslims are weak and cannot do Jihad for Islam. Holy Prophet has declared Hajj as Jihad for them. They can enjoy all the rewards of Jihad by performing Hajj. 
8. Unity and brotherhood:
Muslims from all over the world gather in the House of Allah and perform same rites. They take care of each other and wear the same dresses for worships. The difference between rich and poor gets vanished. 
Hajj provides all the discussed rewards and many other rewards to Muslims.   

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