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Alphanation Combat FighterThese are dangerous times. Terrorist attacks, home invasions, shootings, violence, and brutality are the realities of our days. Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from attackers? You should then use Alphanation Combat Fighter program. Alphanation Combat Fighter program is not a martial art, it is a very simple ability to win a street fight. The Combat Fighter System is about awaking your natural instincts. It is a digital product, video based program that teaches you 17 self-defense techniques to end all conflicts. Each of these moves are taught by Todd and Ari, and takes 3 minutes or less to learn. It teaches you the best martial arts methods that you can encounter in self-defense classes.Alphanation Combat Fighter

The Combat Fighter program helps you to become a better fighter. It equips you with similar skills to that of a celebrated expert in martial art. It is an electronic book helps each and every individual to improve their fighting skills and techniques. This program is formed for the people who want to form positive their family remains safe from the looters, home invaders & criminals. The Combat Fighter System may be a survival guide that is created by the favored author John Black, who is operating for the US army. It will teach you a defense mechanism through simple and easy skills right from the comfort of your home. This fighting technique is the go to method for elite forces all over the world as it is based on the body’s natural reactive instinct. This allows for fighting techniques to be mastered quickly and used when needed without hesitating.Alphanation Combat Fighter

What Does the Package Contain

After you buy the program you will receive the whole package of the program which contains various components within it. These components consists of:

The manual e-book. – This is the guide that contains the guidelines that you have to follow so as to get the results you desire.

Illustrational videos. – This help to promote clarity on whatever that is taught by the program.

Special Free Bonuses. – Theses bonuses add to the information provided by the program.

Bonus 1: Advanced Situational Awareness manual that will help you easily detect, defuse or avoid potential violence. The simple observation, scanning and monitoring techniques in the Advanced Situational Awareness guide have been thoroughly tested and proven in the field to work over and over again so you can avoid violence before it begins.

Bonus 2: The Alpha Survival manual. You can think of this as your BIG PICTURE plan for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe in an emergency. This simple guide will make YOU the man everyone turns to when the shit hits the fan, because you’ll have the skills to make sure folks stay safe.

Bonus 3: The Alpha Nation online-coaching community. That’s not all though… you’ll also find hundreds of other videos and articles covering every aspect of being a well rounded, respected and highly regarded man and leader.Alphanation Combat Fighter

Alphanation Combat Fighter

Learn the simple combat secrets that will transform your confidence and skill in shockingly little time, without the years of discipline it takes to learn a martial art… You’ll discover everything from how to survive an urban disaster to deadly ground-fighting techniques to trimming your beard and everything in between — including priceless information on how every man can easily get and stay in top physical shape. FREE month of Alpha Nation online coaching: FREE access for the next 30 days by the time you purchase the product to help you get a head start on mastering the First Strike skills. If you are committed to your training, results can be seen in just three days. With this in mind, Todd and Ari have gone above and beyond. They are giving you sixty days to check the program out. If in that time you are still not convinced that this program is for you, you can request a no questions asked refund.

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"Why do the more powerful people work harder?" What he said was "excellent", especially when he was talented.

This question is a good question, because he has a more accurate grasp of causality. If you accidentally ask "Why the harder the harder, the more powerful", it seems too mediocre.

Indeed, we have found that in many fields, people with higher talents and better abilities work harder than people with mediocre aptitudes and have more lasting passion for what they do.

But why?

My answer is: At the beginning, everyone worked the same, but gradually, the gap appeared-the talented people found that every time they fight, they gain a lot. "It is really useful to fight." They have more confidence and motivation to fight; people with poor talents find that despite their hard work, there is no effect. "What's the use of fighting?" Therefore, confidence is frustrated, despair, and broken. . In short, the reason why people with good talents work harder is because they have tasted the sweetness of their past efforts. To use a fashionable saying now, the "conversion rate" of hard work is relatively high.

When I was a student, I played cards with my classmates (80 points). Although I won in most cases, everyone laughed at me for being stupid, because even I admit that my "win more lose less" is mainly Luck has always been better, it has nothing to do with card skills. Over time, I really couldn't bear to be despised by them, so every time I played cards, I deliberately appeared absent-minded and inattentive. It stands to reason that if the level is poor, you should be more attentive, but why should I do this? I need to create such an illusion to comfort myself: The reason why Lao Tzu often makes mistakes is not because of poor skill, but because Lao Tzu doesn't take the matter of winning or losing in mind. I don't care.

A few years ago, a brother took the judicial examination and only scored 280 points (out of 600), but he did not think the score was low, but complacently said: "I took the test naked. Think about it, I took the test naked. You can get such a score, if you review it for a while, won't you pass it?" To this kind of scheming behavior, I can only say in a vicious way: "You don't have time to review or something, but deliberately do not review. If you have carefully reviewed and passed the exam, it is'a matter of course' and you will not feel how good you are; but if you have carefully reviewed but failed to pass, this is not a blow to your confidence, but also makes others doubt your ability On the contrary, if you pass the test naked, once you pass the exam by chance, you will think that you are a genius, self-confidence is greatly increased, and you can show off; even if you fail, you still have a'reason' to comfort yourself-that is an improper attitude , Not lack of ability."

All of the above phenomena, I call "use the wrong attitude to cover up the lack of ability", and the reason why we want to have the wrong attitude is because we have no bottom in our hearts. We knew in advance that we would not even if we worked hard. "Success"; since you can't succeed if you work hard, just don't work hard.

Digging deeper, we found that these people who "because I have poor talent, so I don't work hard" have problems with their outlook on honor and disgrace. In their view, if the cause of "failure" is insufficient talent, then such "failure" is "shameful"; on the contrary, if "failure" is caused by an improper attitude, then such failure is not "shameful" "It's even glorious (because I have achieved such results with that attitude, and if my attitude is really correct, it must be awesome).

Of course, there are also problems with the "judges" view of honor and disgrace. We will "look down" on a person with inadequate ability, but we seldom look down on someone with a bad attitude; we even admire him for "the ability to achieve such results in such a bad attitude"-an attitude may itself be an ability what!

Therefore, it is easy for the person concerned to have this mentality: instead of being serious and getting the result of failure and being "scorned" by others, it is better not to be serious from the beginning. As a result, by not working hard, he "successfully" erased the "stigma" of his inadequate endowment.

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