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The Combat fighter is the simple fight system that can help any men to fight any situation like a confident seasoned fighter. The system is made of techniques used by SEALs and Delta force in certain countries of the world. Each of the technique is simplest and effective ones as easy-to-master system. It contains the Secret fight technique that can protect you from dangers, and it is simple and instinctive technique to defend your opponent. It helps you to become a fully effective fighter in the real-life violent encounters. You can protect your family and loved ones from the attacks of the opponent. This system has now been battle tested by both civilians with zero experience AND hardened career soldiers.Alphanation Combat Fighter

There are several fighting methods you can learn, which you can apply depending on your opponent.

For instance, you can quickly master:

The Center Line Strike, which is as fast and intuitive to disorganized and knock off your challenger quickly. Although it’s a popular fighting method, a lot of people don’t do it well. But you will learn the right technique from
Another fighting method is the Force Hijack method. Here, you can use the reflexes in your body to defend yourself and deflect the attacker’s force against him. The technique is useful when dealing with bigger opponents.Alphanation Combat Fighter
Another method is the “Blitz Blast” you can use to overwhelm your opponent and launch an attack in a split second while your opponent tries to gain momentum to launch the attack. These are some of the methods you can learn from, which can help you protect yourself and your loved ones against an attacker.
The Surgical Strike methods like Underhand Ocular Control that immediately overwhelm your attacker through massive neurological disruption.
The Tipping Point Principle allows you to instinctively know when it’s time to shift from defense to attack mode.
The Third Eye situational awareness techniques enable you to “subconsciously sense subtle cues that improve your ability to recognize and capitalize on openings left by your opponents.”


A friend came to visit and saw that my daughter hadn't found a job after graduating from college, she couldn't help but praise her daughter: "As soon as my daughter graduated from college, she went to a foreign-funded enterprise. Now the boss wants to send her to study abroad. My daughter is really amazing. ."

I asked: "Could you ask your daughter to help my daughter introduce their company?"

The friend immediately said dismissively: "Your daughter looks mediocre. People won't want it. My daughter is a beautiful woman, and the boss is rushing to ask it."

The daughter who was busy in the kitchen heard something from her friend and threw the vegetables she was washing into the sink, turned around and ran to the room, closing the door heavily.

I turned off the topic awkwardly, but my friend still couldn't do without his beautiful daughter in a few words, so I had to perfuse him. In the room, my daughter turned on the stereo very loudly.

When my friend left, he kept nagging: "The welfare of my daughter's company is really good. It is higher than my salary."

The daughter came out of the room and said bitterly: "Dad, you will not have contact with this kind of friends in the future. He seems to be hurting with a sharp weapon."

Seeing tears filled my daughter's eyes, I felt a heartache. I put my hand on my chest and said, "You are right, he seems to have brought a sharp weapon, and my chest is hurt by him."

Attend the wedding of an acquaintance son. A couple of acquaintances came over to toast everyone, and a person stood up at the wine table and said, "Pharaoh, your son’s wedding is too shabby. The red envelope for the child is only 5 yuan. The last time you attended my son’s wedding, the child’s The red envelope is 100 yuan, haha!"

The man's words made the Lao Wang and his wife embarrassed, they just smiled in a weird way, and quickly walked away. I saw the footsteps of acquaintances staggering.

Met an acquaintance. As soon as the man met, he exclaimed, "I heard that you almost died of a serious illness a few years ago, didn't you?"

The man's face was horrified, which made people feel terrible. The man said again: "Look, I am a tough person and never get sick."

I felt as if I was stabbed with a sharp weapon by that person, staggered and hurried away...

Happiness is just an experience in one's own heart. Happiness is not spoken out, let alone a weapon that hurts others. Happiness is always like a lightning in the dark, shining with bright light, bringing warmth and beauty to yourself and others. This is true happiness.

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