Allter’s Bamboo Diaper: Benefits and Size Guide

by Nisha Sharma SEO Executive

Parenthood is a 24-hour job stuck around to fulfil your baby's needs till they are self-responsible. But with a wide range of baby products available in the market, the journey and the work becomes much more manageable and healthier. 


Baby care products are nowadays available as per the baby's shape and size and help parents nourish the baby without any worries. One such product in question is baby diapers. Newborn baby diapers help parents keep the baby clean and tidy throughout the day and leave them hassle-free regarding cleaning their excreta. The regular plastic diapers may help you be hassle-free, but do you know once it is disposed of it affects badly on the environment?


Yes, regular disposable diapers do not decompose and remain years on the land or water bodies, thereby affecting the environment. It creates plastic pollution, and with the rise of the population, the situation is getting worse. To overcome this problem, experts came up with a greener solution, i.e., Bamboo diapers. 


Bamboo diapers are a sustainable solution against regular diapers. Bamboo diapers are made of bamboo grass and decompose within 75 days. Bamboo fabric is much thicker, safer, and eco-friendly than cotton or plastic diapers.


In India, over 90% of parents aren't aware of bamboo diapers and their health benefits to the baby and the environment. Some of the benefits are:

  1. It is more absorbent than regular diapers.
  2. The natural components keep the baby feeling fresh and smells nice.
  3. It is antiallergic and keeps the baby's sensitive skin away from rashes and itchiness.
  4. It is decomposable, avoids plastic pollution and carbon footprint.
  5. The bamboo fabric is breathable, and elastic as compared to plastic diapers.


Why should you choose Allter's Bamboo Diapers?


Allter is a premium baby care product Indian brand paying huge emphasis on conscious living methods. Through their environmentally friendly products, they are evoking the need for sustainable practices and helps in making a difference that is functional and easy to adopt.


Allter's Bamboo Diaper is considered the best diaper in 2021 because it is 100% biodegradable, short crop cycle does not contain fertilizers and pesticides, absorbs greenhouse gases, and prevents soil erosion. They are available for babies of all sizes and shapes.


Allter's Bamboo Diaper Size Guide


Getting the right size bamboo diapers, especially for newborns, needs individual attention and judgement. The parents must evaluate the baby's diaper size with their action and weight. The perfect bamboo diaper size depends upon the weight and the age of the babies. A wrong size will discomfort the baby and lead to leakage problems and give rise to rashes and itchiness. To find the best bamboo diaper size for your baby, refer to the below size chart:





Just took birth

Newborn Size

Up to 4kgs


Small Size

From 4-8 kgs


Medium Size

From 7-14 kgs


Large Size

From 13-20 kgs


XL Size

From 18-25 kgs


However, once the baby gets the right fit, stock with bamboo diapers with daytime and night-time diapers. The absorbency rate of every diaper may not be the same. Therefore, for longer duration like overnight sleep, babies prefer bulkier diapers. 


To know more about Allter's baby care products and buy baby diapers online, visit their website here.

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