All You Need to Know About the Brass Knuckle Knife

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The Brass Knuckle Knife is becoming a popular weapon these days and it has the right reasons for being on the top. The knife has two features that are, it can be used as a knife and when needed you can use it as a punching knuckle. The dual self defense feature makes it one of the best knives to buy. 

The knife also has a historical connection as it was first used by British soldiers in the 18th century. They used the knuckle knife for one on one fights and they always had an upper hand because of its dual capabilities. It was also known as the trench knife as it assisted the soldiers in digging trenches.

Today, you get to find a variety of knives for sale that belong to this category. The knives have customized handles and blades which gives them a cool look. The variety of options available makes it easier for everyone to make a choice. 

Brass Knuckle Knife for Sale

Just as mentioned above, the brass knuckle knife for sale comes in a variety of cool designs. Let us look into some of the offerings.

  • Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are knives that cannot be folded. They have blades fixed strongly on the top and are meant for tougher tasks. The knives are ideal when it comes to hunting as the strong blades are capable of ripping apart anything and they are good at cutting wood, wires, and ropes. Additionally, the brass knuckle they come with provides for great self-protection. 

  • Pocket Knives

Another main category of the knives under this category are the pocket knives. The folding brass knuckle knife is ideal when it comes to being equipped while outdoors to ensure your safety. The knives involve a folding mechanism that makes them easy to carry. You can carry them in your pockets while outdoors or you can keep them home for your safety.

  • Trench Weapon

The trench weapon is a historical weapon that was used by the British soldiers. It was ideal for self defense due to the knuckles and knife it had. It also helped the soldiers dig up trenches during the war. It is a knife that is worth collecting if you are a weapon enthusiast. 

  • Branded Weapons

There are many people out there who are brand conscious. If you are one of them, we got you covered. The weapon is also being offered by top knife brands such as that of Mtech, Tac Force and Dark Side Blades. Buying a branded knife has an advantage as they are better in quality and last longer than other weapons. 

Uses of the Cool Knives

Now that you know all about the different types of the weapon under this category, let us get you acquainted with their uses. The first and most important use of the weapon is that of self defense and one on one fight. You can carry the weapon with ease due to the folding feature it has. You can keep it in your pockets and when needed, you can use it like a knife or a knuckle to knock your enemies out. 

The weapon is also great for collection purposes due to the historical connection it has. If you are a weapon collector or someone that loves history, you should add the brass knuckle knife to your collection and display it. Everyone will surely be amazed by the weapon you have.

The knife can also be used as a movie prop and a cosplay item. Buying a real weapon could be costly and just so this weapon proves to be ideal for these purposes. It is economical and gives the feel of a real weapon. You can also gift the weapon to an office going loved one. Along with keeping themselves safe, they will have a weapon that reminds them of you. 

Buy Cheap Knives Today

Now that you know all about the knuckle knife, its types and uses, let us walk you through the price they are being offered at. The weapon is available at very low prices which may be surprising because of the excellent features and use they have.

You can buy the cheap knives for yourself or you can buy the wholesale knives in bulk if you want to make money out of them. You can do this by selling them at a higher price because when you buy in bulk, you get entitled to even more discounted prices. 

The knives can be easily bought from weapon stores around you or if you want you can have them delivered to your doorstep by purchasing them online. Check out the collection of knives available and buy your brass knuckle knife today to keep yourself safe. 

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