All You Need to Know About Blended Malt Whiskey

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Consumers and even bartenders often have a misconception about whiskey blends. Often, people consider single-malt whiskey as not a blended whiskey. However, this is untrue and single-malt scotch is actually a bend. As a matter of fact, almost whiskey brands in the market at blended malt whiskey brands. Ryes, bourbons, Tennessee or scotches – all of them are blended malts.

Understanding the Blend

Before knowing about blended malt whiskey, it is important to understand what a blend is. Generally, a blend is used to call a combination of two or more types of whiskeys that are bottled as one. More formally, a mixture of grain whiskeys and barrel aged-whiskey sold in a single bottle is called a blended whiskey. However, when products are labeled single malt, people often think that they come from a single batch. However, that is not correct. In fact, single malt whiskey is also a mixture.

What does “single” mean then?
The confusing part is the word “Single”. The word single actually refers to a single distillery and not a single batch or a single barrel. So, a single malt whiskey is actually blended malt whiskey, but it contains blends that are prepared at the same single distillery.

The concept of “malt”

The malt refers to the grain used to make the whiskey. The grain is malted. In Scotland, the grain that is malted in barley. However, other grains are also malted, such as rye. Not all whiskeys are made from malted grains. In different parts of the world, a corn mash is used to make whiskey.

The different types of blended malt whiskey
So, whiskey single malt is also a type of blended malt whiskey. However, other than single malt, there are a few more blends available in the market too. Here are the most popular variants:

Blended scotch whiskey: This is by far the most popular blended whiskey and makes up to 90 percent of the sales. The blended scotch consists of whiskeys that are sourced from several distilleries and are mixed. These are then bottled and sold. Whiskeys from a lot of popular brands fall in this category.

Blended grain scotch whiskey: This is a far less common variant of whiskey. This is a blend or a mixture of whiskeys made from a single grain but in two different distilleries. Generally, blended grains are mild in taste. However, some of them are quite strong.

Blended malt scotch whiskey: known for their smoky flavor, this is a blend of whiskeys made from a single malt, but across different distilleries.

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