African black soap: The Lesser-Known Bounty Of Nature

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Going back to nature is the new norm of the present society. This idea has made us dig into our past and reuse the forgotten or lesser-used natural things. Such is the African black soap that can solve your multiple skin and hair-related issues. These days, the African black soap as shampoo is quite favored as it enhances your hair’s health, shine, and texture without any harm.

The history of African Black Soap 

For centuries, African black soap has been a popular handmade soap commonly used by women in West African countries. Women of different tribes have their own secret recipes for making this soap. It is infused with the ashes of locally harvested plants such as Plantains (a variety of bananas), peels, Cocoa-pods, Shea butter,  Palm oil, Coconut oil, and Palm tree leaves.

The Recipe of African Black Soap 

The elements that make these soaps are potent yet straightforward. The protracted process involves preparing raw materials that are later stirred for twenty-four hours. Later, the soap is scooped out and cured for two weeks before packaging.

African Black Soap Benefits for hair 

There are multiple benefits of African black soap for hair, the fantastic piece of the traditional treasure of Africa and one of the best ingredients that used for curly hair products. So let us see what magic this black soap can do to your curly waves and scalp. 

1. All skin types can use African black soap. It does its cleansing job without disturbing the balance of your skin’s natural oil. Neither does it add excessive oil nor control your overactive glands.

2.  The African Black soap plays a vital role in nourishing your hair follicles for thicker and longer hair. Furthermore, it keeps your scalp clean and hydrated. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties help keep your scalp away from infections. It’s mystical 

3.  Its mystical natural oils and shea butter rejuvenate and moisturize your dry scalp and skin. It reduces irritation and itchiness and keeps your scalp calm. It is very gentle and safe with skin allergies like eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. 

4.  Do not hesitate to use this soap if you suffer from severe acne—the antimicrobial properties of the soap help to control such skin diseases. 

5.  Too much exposure to the sun causes spots and speeds up aging. The antioxidants present in the soap help reduce these spots and maintain glowy skin. With

6.  With the regular use of African black soap as shampoo, you can get rid of dead and hyperpigmented skin and improve your skin tone and texture. 

7.  It is needless that its antibacterial properties make it an ideal substitute for chemical-based soaps. 

8.  The anti-inflammatory effects of the soap help relieve skin conditions like rosacea, dry patches, rashes, and red areas. Even the men can use this 

9.  Even men can use this great soap to alleviate razor bumps and soothe post-shaving sensitivity. 

The organic and therapeutic shampoo by TLP known as “Loving You” contains this sublime beauty of nature as one of its chief ingredients. African black soap as shampoo cleanses, nourishes, and rejuvenates your wavy curls, keeping your scalp healthy. This is a pH-balancing sulfate-free shampoo. It cleanses and enhances your curls. The excellent ingredients- black soap, Sea kelp, and Rhassoul clay of this shampoo make it unique for your hair. Hibiscus and Marshmallow roots add color and aroma to ‘Loving you.’ Its moisturizing property gently detangles and preserves your natural waves.


African black soap as shampoo is an incredible gift from our ancestors to the young generation, chosen from the hidden treasures of nature. It is as flawless as our Mother Nature - no chemicals, no additives, purity guaranteed. It is what we desire and deserve for our loved ones and us.

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