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A Human’s body is highly dependent upon the normal functioning of the heart. Today it has become widespread for children to be either born with heart defects or develop one in the years after their birth. Cardiac surgery in children has performed to treat various congenital heart disorders or heart diseases that have developed after birth. A heart is the center of human’s good health. This surgery for any of its disorders is a must. All the surgeries that cure heart disorders of children come under the domain of pediatric cardiac surgery.

The procedure of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

The general process for open-heart surgery

  • For the child to undergo a pain-free process, the surgery is carried out under general anesthesia when the child is asleep.
  • An incision then made to reach the site of the defect. The location of the incision depends upon the type of defect or disorder. Usually, it has made on the breastbone of the child, but in certain conditions of the heart, it has formed between the ribs on the side of the chest. The later is called thoracotomy, often termed as closed heart surgery.
  • A bypass machine is then used to reroute the blood through tubes. It is nothing but a pump used, mainly to keep the blood warm and mobile throughout the body.
  • The sole purpose of doing this is to make the heart stop, which can then allow the surgeon to repair any defect of the blood vessels, valves, or muscle of the heart.
  • Once the repair has done, the machine removed, and the normal functioning of the heart resumes.
  • Post this, the incision made at the start of the surgery has closed.

There are also many cases in which the heart disorders or defects are fixed by inserting small tubes in the artery present in the leg and passed up to the heart.

Before and After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Before the surgery,

  • The condition of the child’s heart has examined with a precise diagnosis, and the cardiac specialists determine its criticality.
  • Post this, and a treatment plan has made for the child, opinion for which has taken from the parent body.
  • The treatment planned by the doctors has made keeping in mind the health and state of the child.

After Pediatric Heart Surgery –

  • Heart surgery is a significant operation, and it has considered being a critical procedure since it carried out upon an infant or a kid hence post the surgery, the focus is diverted on the post-operative care, evaluation, and precaution.
  • During this stage, the child is in the Intensive Care Unit, where its condition has evaluated the therapists and nurses take timely and extensive care.
  • When the doctors think that the child is responding well to the treatment, he/she has transferred from the ICU to a unit where trained and expert cardiac specialists take further care of the child.
  • During and after recovery, too, timely tests are taken to ensure that the procedure has been received well by the child.
  • If there is a type of treatment or therapy that is required by the child post the surgery, a cardiac specialist assigned to him for the same.

cost of pediatric cardiac surgery India

With India’s long strides towards becoming the world’s best healthcare provider, it is the most preferred yet destination for patients who are looking for low cost pediatric cardiac surgery. The reason why international patients choose for their children to undergo pediatric cardiac surgery in India is that even though they have charged with an affordable price of treatment, they have treated in one of the leading medical institutes.

The Cost of pediatric cardiac surgery in India is generally about one-tenth of the costs prevailing in developed countries like the US and UK and is significantly cheaper compared with even other medical travel destinations in South Asia. Thus India is indeed an ideal destination for patients who are seeking to receive treatment abroad.

Why choose India for Pediatric Stem Cell Therapy:

  • As a developing country, India is rapidly proving its prowess in the sphere of medical health care. Various hospitals and clinics in India have gained immense popularity all over the world for providing quality treatment and surgery to its international patients at an affordable price.
  • India is known for its hospitals that have state of the art facilities, best treatment with the latest techniques, and advanced equipment that has used to cure the patients at the earliest. India provides a high standard of medical facilities with specialized multi-specialty hospitals that serve their expertise in various surgeries and treatments.
  • . Thus with its package of extensive therapy at an affordable price, India is an ideal destination for anybody is who’s a child is supposed to undergo pediatric cardiac surgery

Despite The Cost Of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Is Very Low In India When Compared To Other Western Countries.

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