Aegis GSM Voice Terminal - Quick Call Recording Hardware Installation

by Nirmal Sharma Telephone Call Recorder
Aegis Informatics Pvt Ltd (AIPL) designed this range of GSM voice terminal 100% in India under made in India project. We hope you will be able to install, operate and get maximum benefit of this terminal and connect your business with GSM world. If you encounter any technical problem, please contact to your dealer/reseller or AIPL Customer care. Please read this document carefully before GSM voice terminal installation.

Safety Information

This section contains important information about the operation of your device. It also contains information about how to use the device safely. Read this information carefully before using your device

Electronic device
Do not use your device if using the device is prohibited. Do not use the device if doing so causes danger or interference with other electronic devices

Interference with medical equipment

•    Follow rules and regulations set forth by hospitals and health care facilities. Do not use your device where prohibited

Area with flammables and explosive

•    Do not use the device where flammable or explosive are stored (in a gas station, oil depot, or chemical plant) using your device in these environments increase the risk of explosion or fire.
•    Do not store or transport the device in containers with flammable, liquids, gases, or explosives

Operating Environment

•    Avoid dusty, damp, or dirty environments, Avoid magnetics field areas. Using the device in these environments may result in circuit malfunctions
•    Before Connecting and disconnecting cables, stop using the device and disconnect it from power supply. Ensure that your hands are dry during operation.
•    Place the device on a stable surface
•    Keep the device away from electronic appliances that generate strong magnetic or electric fields. Such as a microwave oven or refrigerator
•    During thunderstorms, power off your device and remove all cables connected to it to protect against lightning strikes
•    Do not use your device during thunderstorms to protect your device against any danger caused by lightning
•    Ideal operating temperature are 0 degree C to 40 degree C . Ideal storage temperatures -20 degree C to +70 degree C. Extreme heat or cold may damage your device or accessories
•    Keep the device and accessories in a well-ventilated and cool area away from direct sunlight. Do not enclose or cover your device with any object..
•    Keep the device in a place with good reception . The distance between the device and other metal material ( such as metal brackets or metal doors or Windows ) should be greater then 25cm and the distance between the devices should be greater then 30 cm

Before you start

Before you begin to install and set the hardware of Aegis GSM Voice Terminal XN-520 Series. Make sure you have the following things ready

•    A new nano sim card
•    A standard telephone instruments
•    A standard good quality twisted pair telephone cable and RJ-11 Male connector if telephone instrument need to install at a distance from terminal or connect to PBX system
•    For Advance and turbo model need one PC/Laptop with win 8/win10 OS, Min 2GB RAM

Getting Started
Unbox Aegis Fixed Cellular Terminal (GSM Voice Terminal) and verify the package content. Make sure the package contains the items listed below in the table. In case if something is missing please contact to dealer/reseller to whom you have purchased or contact Aegis customer care number


1. Antenna Connectivity :Connect to external antenna available in accessories ( Stick or wired)
2. Telephone Port : Connect telephone instrument at this port via RJ11 Line cord available in accessories
3. Parallel Telephone Ports : Use to connect parallel telephone instrument or for parallel connectivity for other applications
4. USB Port : Connect this port with Laptop/PC Via USB Cable available in accessories ( Only for Advance and Turbo Model)
5. Power Port : Connect to power adaptor available in accessories
6. ON/OFF Switch : Slide this switch to power the device
7. Sim Card Slot :  its push type sim card slot suitable for nano sim only. Insert Sim as per indication shown on device

XN520 Voice Terminal Connecting Procedure

Select an appropriate site to install Aegis XN520 Voice Terminal. Make sure the site you select has proper power supply source and sufficient signal strength

•    For Battery Back Model. Attach battery Casing with GSM Terminal as shown in Pic.
•    Insert Lithium-ion chargeable battery available in accessories inside battery casing and connect battery female connector in GSM Terminal Male connector shown in pic.

•    Attach Antenna (Stick or Wired) available in Accessories on GSM Device
•    To the Tel 1 port. Connect a single line standard telephone instrument through RJ11 line cord available in the accessories. If distance of Telephone instrument from Terminal is more use good quality twisted single pair wire with proper RJ11 Jack punching. You may also connect this terminal with PBX on CO Port
•    Insert Nano sim card (New card recommended) provided by operator inside the Sim Slot Available on left side of GSM terminal. Insert sim as per icon shown on the terminal
•    Connect the power adaptor available in accessories into the power jack of terminal and plug it into the power outlet and switch it ON
•    Slide GSM Terminal ON/OFF Switch to ON Condition
•    After few second initialization. GSM Terminal will give one confirmation ring on Telephone instrument

Now GSM Voice Terminal is ready to use


1. Power Indicator        : White LED glow show indication of Device ON Condition
2. Outgoing Call Status : When Pick Headset LED Show RED Color Indication
                                  : When Make Call that time LED Show YELLOW Indication
                                  : When Call connect to customer LED show GREEN Indication
3. Incoming Call Status : when incoming call come LED Show RED Indication
                                  : When attend the call LED Show GREEN Indication
4. Signal Strength Indicator : Signal reception available (More Bars mean better   
                                           Reception 1 & 2 Bars Mean No Signal 3 Bars Means weak signal 4 Bars Means good signal)

Test Call

Make an outgoing call
•    Lift the receiver of the telephone connected to GSM terminal .you will get the dial tone.
•    Dial the desire number you will get ringback.Talked when the called party answer to call. Replace the receiver to disconnect the call
 Make an incoming call
•    Ask someone to call on sim card number inserted in GSM voice terminal
•    When the telephone instrument connected to the Tel1 port of Terminal rings. Lift the receiver to talk
•    Speak with caller and replace the receiver to disconnect call

For Advance and Turbo Model

After test call. Connect GSM Terminal with Laptop/PC via USB Cable available in the accessories and follow the telephone call recorder software manual for software installation

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