Advanced Data Entry Tips to Create, Use and Sort Custom List

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Do you know the shortcut to arrange your list items in a customized order? 

Mark my words-the CUSTOMIZED ORDER. Undoubtedly, there is a shortcut on the home ribbon. But sometimes, it can’t work properly, especially where there is a blank cell. 

Let’s learn how to create a custom list, its uses and sorting in a desirable format.  

How can you create a custom list in Excel? 

1. Open the Excel file. 

2. Move to the file menu.

3. Select ‘Options’ in the list under Help.

4. The Excel Option window will pop up. 

5. From the list, click ‘Advanced’.

6. Scroll down a bit until the header ‘General’ appears. 

7. Push the button with the caption ‘Edit Custom List’.

8. A dialog box called Custom list will emerge.

9. Under its custom lists box, select New List option.

10. This action will enable you to create a customized list in the List Entries box (adjacent to the custom list box). Input the list items in its box.

11. Hit the tab ‘Add’.   

12. If you want to import the list from the excel file or system, click the navigation tab of the option ‘Import list from cells’.  

13. Push ‘ok’ button twice. The dialog box will be shut. 

This is how you’ll add a list of desirable items in the default list of your excel file. Subsequently, you can use it to create a list instantly. 

How can you use the custom list? 

How can you insert items to create a default list-it has been aforementioned. What if you want to use that list in your excel sheet? How can you input those items while dragging the mouse-let’s catch its steps:   

1. Go to the file wherein you’ve created the customized list.  

2. Type any item in the list in any cell.

3. Then, select it and drag the mouse. 

4. You can either drag in the adjacent rows or adjacent columns. 

5. The list will automatically be inserted there.    

So! You’re done with the list. It’s created on your excel sheet. 

Now, can you guess how can you sort all items of that list? For sure, there is a manual option of sorting the whole list. But, I have another effective data entry tip that the best outsourcing data entry companies in UK, US, India and many more follow. I’ll show you how they exploit data and even, harness them easily and effectively. 

How can you sort items in the custom list? 

Let’s get through the smart trick of data sorting with an automated option: 

1. Quick sorting through data menu:

• Go to the data menu. 

• Select a cell. 

• Mouse over the sorting button on the data menu ribbon. 

• Choose either ascending or descending order. 

2. How can you overcome prospective challenges in sorting data: 

The sorting option will not prove viable, if there is any blank cell in a column or a row. The sorting will occur partly. The rest of the data will be unchanged. Your list would be terribly wrong. If such kind of blunder emerges in the datasheet of your client, the quality of your data entry work will suffer a lot. Consequently, your reputation will be badly disturbed.

How can you get rid of this worse situation? Thinking? 

Steps to sort the rows data:

Here is an accurate way to manipulate the list items of a row in a proper order: 

• Select the cells (including columns and rows) of the list that you want to sort.

• Right click the selected cells. 

• Click the sort option from the drop down list.

• As you mouse over its arrow, another subset of options for sorting will appear.

• Select the option ‘Custom Sort’. 

• A Sort dialog box will pop up.  

• Mouse over & hits its ‘options’ tab. 

• A sort options dialog box will throw two options-i.e. Sort top to bottom and Sort left to right. 

• Select the latter option (i.e. Sort left to right).

• Hit ok tab.

• A prompt will ask you to select the row.  Hit the filter button under the header ‘Row’.   

• By default, it shows the row’s title as Row 1, Row 2 and so on…

• Then, input the values under the header ‘Sort on’.

• Hit the ok button. 

Streamline all rows in the same way, now. 

3. How can you customize sorting the column items?

A blank column can disturb the sequence of the entire database. Make sure that you have deleted the empty column before sorting the data items.

Alternatively, you can try these simple tips of sorting the list in columns. How-have al ook:

• Select the database.

• Go to the Home menu.

• Mouse over the ‘Editing’ option in the home ribbon. 

• Click the Sort & Filter option.

• A list will drop down. Choose ‘Custom Sort’ option.

• A dialog box will appear. Select the column to sort out.

• Hit the filter arrow button.

• Choose the Custom List & its dialog box will be there.

• Under the header Order, click the field to navigate to the custom list. 

• The custom list dialog box will pop up.  

• Choose the list. 

This is how you can arrange your data in ascending or descending order. Even, you can customize the sorting.

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