Addressing Night Time Eye Mask & Techniques to Help With the Ailment

by amelia b. Seo writer

One of the most neglected topics pertaining to eye health is a condition called dry eye. The conversation revolving around the dry eye, especially at night time, the dry eye is quite prevalent nowadays. There can be several causes for the ailment of dry eye. Some of the popularly known causes are nocturnal lagophthal\mos, compromised lid seal, floppy eye, or sleep apnea, among many others. 

There are a few ways that one can treat night time dry eyes. Some of these techniques and recommendations for treatment have been around for plenty of ages. Some of the most recommended options are natural and innovative. They have proven that these techniques are impressive, and parents will appreciate their use. You could use dry eye masks in electric form as they are some of the best eye masks for dry eyes. 

The most frequently used treatment options for patients to help with the night time dry eye are these: 

  • Taping the lid shut

Use a small piece of tape and tape the upper as well as the lower lids together. Half of the tape should be covering the lower half of the upper lid and on the underside of the eye. This way of typing creates a seed. Everyone usually has a tip; however, sleeping with the tape on your face isn’t as comfortable as one would assume. Sometimes the tape also comes off. In fact, it can also be very annoying when a person puts the tape on and then realizes that there is something they need to do before going to bed and has to remove the tape again. The process has to be repeated multiple times in the night for those who forget their tasks before bedtime. It can be especially hard if one actually goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night multiple times as well.

  • Using weights

Another way of curing this ailment is by surgically inserting weights into the eyelids. With the help of this extra weight gravity, the lids close all the way. Many patients prefer to try the other options of treating dry eye and only resort to this technique after nothing else works out.

  • Using ointments

One could also use an ointment before bed. One only needs to apply the appointment to help keep the eyes lubricated throughout the night. Getting appointments can be a messy affair, especially because appointments can get on pillows and the process as a whole is pretty annoying to do before dozing off. For some people, they don’t last through the entire night, and they wake up with dry eyes even after doing so.

  • Using hydrating night mask

Another form of treatment is applying a specialty mask over the eye that holds want to hydrate over the night time. The mask not only seals in moisture that keeps the eye lubricated, but it also protects the eye from the environment. This form of treatment is one of the best available in the market. In fact, the electric dry eye relief mask variant for dry eye is one of the best eye masks for dry eyes available. Using this eye mask for dry ice not only hydrates but also keeps your eye warm and will be created the entire period of using it and works best for everyone

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