Night-time Skincare Regimen

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Beautiful skin is not necessarily gained in DNA because sometimes good Skincare Products can do this magic to us. Different factors affect the results of skincare products. These factors include the quality of skincare products, a sequence of applying these products, and the time period for which you put these on your skin. Here is a brief overview of skincare.

Why sequence matters

According to our skin experts  applying your Skincare Products in a sequenced order makes it sure that your skin is getting the full benefits of each of the products.

The skin is aimed at keeping things out, but many skincare ingredients penetrate in our skin cells. If you don’t apply products in the adequate sequence, you will not get the best benefits from your skin care regimen.”

In today's article, we will focus on Nighttime Skincare Regimen.

Your Nighttime Regimen

Your skin naturally repairs itself at night so, your nighttime regimen should be about giving your skin, the treatment that it needs. Below we have listed the best treatment sequence for your skincare.


STEP 1: (Twice) Cleanser

To get rid of the day’s grime, oil, and makeup, we suggest you removing  makeup first with a dedicated makeup remover before washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Better yet, try double cleansing, which involves using a cleansing oil first to dissolve your makeup and then washing your face again with your regular cleanser.


“The first step is to remove your makeup. At this step you can use cleansing oil. The second step is to use a face wash to remove all the excess sebum, dirt, and makeup remnants of the first step. This leaves your skin perfectly fresh.


STEP 2: Toners, Essences, And Boosters

If you use a toner, apply it as you do in your morning regimen.


At night, some people layer various types of skin care boosters, like mists, essences, beauty water, or Skin Serum. These products are infused with active ingredients but Skin Serum keeps your skin hydrated.


Since these are lightweight, almost water-like formulas, apply them after washing your face as you would a toner. “If using both, apply toner then essence. Toner is aimed to clean and essence is about delivering a treatment. The rule of thumb is to apply from thinnest to thickest.



Eye creams are meant to treat the area below the eye from dark circles and from other skincare products.

you should apply eye cream before applying other products to protect your eyes against potent ingredients.


STEP 4: Treatments, Serums, And Peels

Like the body, skin does its repairing, restoring, and regenerating as we sleep. This is why most skincare treatments—like prescription meds, retinol creams, exfoliating treatments, and anti-aging serums are better applied at night.

However, instead of layering up all your treatment serums and creams, just know your skin's need for that moment. Some nights routine, just give wash, moisturizer, and go to bed. because there is always tomorrow to give more care to your skin. 

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