Acupuncture For Pet- Effective Alternative Treatment

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The fast-turning scenario has come up with innumerable big and small changes in almost every single thing. Even the lives of the people have not been spared due to this, and experience an all new change every single day.

With the changes in lifestyles of people, their body conditions too have had a mighty difference, due to which the human body has become a home to numerous disorders. Though the concept of diseases and disorders is not new, but today, the concept of treatment of these disorders could be in various methods.

Earlier, the body troubles which got a herbal treatment, slowly moved towards the allopathic remedies. The things again took a turnaround when homeopathy and other alternative treatments too birth for humans.

Nowadays, these alternative treatments could even be used for the animals, and the pets that we possess could get benefitted with them in any unforeseen circumstances.

Among the alternative treatments, acupuncture is one of the most widely used treatment technique that is growing in fame with the passage of time. Though acupuncture is not new to the mankind, this technique has recently gained much of popularity.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a mode of body treatment that was discovered in China nearly 4500 years back. The ancient Chinese were able to perform this after much of practice but today, there are specific courses and programs through which this treatment technique could be learnt.

Acupuncture mostly involves the usage of needles, which are inserted at some specific parts of body where nerve bundles and blood vessels tend to intersect with each other. These points are said to be the energy channels of the body and placement of needles in these chances would lead to enhance in blood circulation.

Acupuncture could also help in release in certain hormones in the body and thereby, help to prevent hormonal imbalance.

Other Forms Of Acupuncture:

Besides the usage of needles to stimulate the body fluids, acupuncture could also involve treatment using some other methods and forms such as:

·         Acupressure: The process involves putting pressure to specific points of the body manually or by machines to treat conditions where use of needles is not possible in the body of pets.

·         Aquapuncture: Just as the name suggests, it involves inserting certain kinds of liquids inside the body of pets so that it could act as an energizer and eliminate disorders in the body. The liquids which could be inserted are homeopathics, diluted Vitamin B12 and other required liquids.

·         Moxibustion: Moxibustion is the process of applying heated herbal compounds to the needles used. Due to heating, the needles which are used would be highly effective, especially for pets that are aged and have muscle soreness or joint stiffness.

·         Electrostimulation (Estim): The process involves a passage of electric current in the needles that are inserted as a part of acupuncture. Due to this, the spasming muscles would be offered a relief and nerve impulses would be re-established in the nerves, which have been subjected to damages.

·         Laser: Lasers are one of the new techniques of performing acupuncture that could be done even without the help of the needles. Laser acupunctures, as many of you would doubt, are of very low capacity and do not burn the skin and hair of your pet. Instead, they could serve as a good alternative acupuncture technique for those pets, which resist the usage of needles.

Benefits Of The Acupuncture Technique:

Acupuncture technique could be used in various conditions for the pets such as:

·         Acupuncture can help effectively eliminating the pain out of the body of pets. Some other strong medical treatments may also be paired with acupuncture so that the intensity of pain which these accompany could be reduced to a certain extent.

·         Skeletal and muscular troubles, arthritis, hip dysplasia and nerve injuries could efficiently be treated with the help of acupuncture. Even the body injuries that are subjected due to accidents could be offered relief with the help of acupuncture.

·         Many kinds of skin troubles such as dermatitis, hot spots and infections could accept well the acupuncture treatment and these heal effectively due to better circulation of blood in the blood vessels.

·         Acupuncture could also help in eliminating many digestive tract troubles such as diarrhea and vomiting, which could be swiped out due to increase in blood circulation. It could also trigger the release of digestive hormones to facilitate digestion process.

·         The anti-inflammatory and immune-calming properties from acupuncture may help in eliminating respiratory troubles such as asthma and bronchitis etc.

Side Effects Of Acupuncture Technique:

Acupuncture is a technique that practically accompanies no pain when it is performed. Rather, the pets have been found to be highly relaxed and some even sleep while taking the treatment.

Some other pets may experience slight tingling or numbness in their body while the treatment with acupuncture is going on, and could show their discomfort due to this. But evolution of newer technologies, especially the acupuncture with laser has completely eliminated the pains out of this.

Unlike some other medical treatments, acupuncture does not have visible side-effects on the body of pets, if this is carried out in assistance of a veteran acupuncture vet.

Thus, acupuncture could said to be one of the safe techniques to cure many influencing disorders in the body of pets, without rendering any typical side-effects. These could also be used as pet grooming tips to provide an overall health and vitality to your beloved pet. 

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