Acupuncture Therapy is Effective Treatment for Neck Pain

by Byran Edwards Lily Pad Ponds

The ‘Acupuncture’ word comes from Latin words ‘acu’ which means ‘with a needle’ and ‘puncture’ means inserting. It demands a collection of procedures and techniques in which specific points in the body are stimulated by penetrating needles into the body or applying finger pressure. Originating from China, acupuncture therapy is now used in many countries as a constructive means for treating different ailments. It is a traditional Chinese technique to correct certain imbalances in the run of qi (natural energy and strength) with the help of passages known as meridians. An acupuncturist for neck pain can help you treat the complex condition and other serious medical problems.

Types of Acupuncture Techniques -

·         Needling Technique – Needles are inserted to relieve back pain either manually or electronically into the skin or the tissue.

·         Non-Needling Technique – This includes the stimulation of identified affected points by suction or finger pressure. It also involves moxibustion in which heat is applied to points by heated pieces of dried mugwort plant. The plant is also used in treating digestive disorders. An acupuncturist for neck pain may use laser and electric current delivered through surface electrodes to stimulate painful joints and muscles.

Acupuncture Therapy: An Effective Pain Treatment

·         It is often effective in removing various types of chronic pains including neck pain, back pain, shoulder and knee pain. Particular points in the body are first diagnosed and then needles are inserted to stimulate those points offering steady relief.

·         It is often considered as an alternative/preventive treatment. Seeing a qualified acupuncturist two or three times a year can prevent various diseases and promote health, vitality, and strength. It is also proven to relieve back pain.

·         It has been utilized to decrease anxiety in patients taking medicines and injections. It can also improve the results of medicine and reduces side effects such as nausea and lowered libido.

·         Following a surgical operation, doctors may also suggest acupuncture for treating nausea and vomiting.

·         It is often employed for frequent headaches and migraines. It can provide relief from mild to moderate headaches.

There are many clinics, therapy facilities, and rehabilitation centers you can find on the internet to get more information specific acupuncture procedures for your individual problems. It utilizes different conventional and alternative techniques to cure acute or chronic pain. You may consult with a reputed acupuncturist for neck pain who offers various treatment services. The services may include physical therapy, exercises, massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture therapies, and treatment for neurological disorders. It offers personalized treatments to the patients based on their needs.

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