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The cambelt is a belt made up of rubber and is designed with several teeth. The belt holds and connects the bottom and the top half of the engine and synchronises the valves. The main task that the engine's cambelt has to perform is to synchronise and help to rotate the camshaft and the crankshaft. The cambelt is usually placed at the side of the front of the engine of your vehicle. It has the responsibility to keep various components of the engine running admirably. Talking of the working of an engine, you must already be aware of the importance that the engine has when it comes to the working of the vehicle. The engine makes all the mechanical parts work in your vehicle. Let’s have a detailed look at the functions that a cambelt performs, shall we?

Function of the cambelt

The timing/cambelt allows the valves of the engine to pass the fuel in and out by helping them open and get closed. The valves have to open at the right time to avoid hitting the pistons of the engine. It slightly depends on the engine type of your vehicle. The right speed of the vehicle also depends upon the way your cambelt works. It maintains the right speed of the vehicle by working on the speed of the camshaft and the crankshaft. The cambelt helps in keeping the pistons up at the time of the exhaust cycle and the compression of the engine. The cycle continues with the pistons moving down by intaking cycles and moving down in power.

The cambelt has some additional jobs depending upon the type of the vehicle. Sometimes the cambelts also help with the operation of the oil pump, injection pump and even with the water pump. A good timing belt is the primary key in this field. Those belts help in improving the noise cancellation, and they also ignite the efficiency of the transmission. If the timing is affected, it will result in making the engine less efficient.

What will be the consequences of not changing the cambelt?

The engine is the central part of your vehicle that is going to be affected directly if something like failing of the cambelt change happens. It could directly cause the catastrophic damage of the engine. The one symptom that you can notice in your vehicle after the excessive use of a cambelt is over tearing of the belt to the point where it can snap. There are a lot of garages to help you out with the Cambelt Change Birmingham.

The valves will start hitting the pistons of your vehicle while damaging the engine of the vehicle terribly. It may affect your vehicle badly, causing you to spend almost 1000 bucks on its repair. This is because you may have to replace the engine of your vehicle; however, it's much cheaper to replace the cambelt on time. The more your cambelt is prone to break, the more it is torn. You will be unable to drive your vehicle once the cambelt becomes weary. The type of engine also plays a significant role in the amount of the damage that a snapped cambelt can cause. The engine is at less risk if you have a non-interference type. It is due to the tendency of your engine-configuration not letting its valves and pistons not move at the same space. For more information Tyres Birmingham.

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