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Polyhouses are kind of indispensable in present day agriculture. Not only all across India, but the world, polyhouses are used to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers as well. Using the polyhouse farming technique implies that advanced technology and methods are used to grow such yields. The leading polyhouse manufacturers in India like Saveer, conducts extensive research in floriculture, horticulture and agriculture and hence, comes up with solutions that suit the varied kind of needs of the above mentioned branches of science. The polyhouses manufactured by Saveer are well equipped and can also be used as micro propagation units.

Customized products, that is, polyhouses and laboratory furniture are manufactured and supplied only after following a stringent procedure. Firstly, the area where the polyhouse will be installed is surveyed carefully by Saveer experts. After understanding the prevailing conditions of environment that include soil condition, moisture level in soil, type of soil, humidity level of atmosphere, difference between maximum and minimum temperature on day to day basis, the polyhouse experts come up with a concrete solution which they then turn into design. From development to fabrication, Saveer has its own team of skilled engineers who are dedicated to create the best solution for your cultivation needs.

There is a major focus area. In this process, the farm produce is directly consumed by the residents in a Hydroponic system. Thus, these yields are completely free of pesticides and fertilizers. The polyhouses are excellent choices for this kind of farming.  Maintenance of polyhouses is a major concern among its owners. When purchased from top quality polyhouse manufacturers like Saveer, they do not require maintenance quite often. Saveer’s products come with warranty and are long lasting ones. Thus, when you have invested in the products of Saveer, you can be least worried about the polyhouse and put your complete attention to your cultivation activity. Laboratory furniture, as well as any extra weather controlling mechanism installed for specific purposed within the polyhouses, also come with long term guarantee. This is also applicable for laboratory accessories including- light, baffle, sash opening, sink and worktop and finally, the service panels.

All the products maintain the highest standards of quality. Thus, from cabinets to cables and sensors, everything will work smoothly and efficiently once you invest in Saveer’s products. Due to these factors, Saveer’s products have grown extremely popular in all parts of India and are extensively used for commercial agriculture as well as research purpose. With the help of high quality & high technology polyhouses, many organic farmers are able to enjoy the best kind of return on investment and high profitability. Saveer Biotech ltd. has several largest agri-tech companies as its client who are largely benefitted by its wide range of products and services. Saveer also offers greenhouse setup consultant along with installation and maintenance services. 

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