A Deep Insight of Premature Ejaculation

by Burns Arick Consultant
What is Ejaculation?
Ejaculation is the process of releasing semen from the male part of the body. There are various premature ejaculation solutions to the problem. The premature ejaculation takes place soon enough before a man’s partner would like during the process of sex. Very often, it is also very commonly known as rapid ejaculation, quick ejaculation, or climax ejaculation. However, one should not worry in case of premature ejaculation as there are various premature ejaculation solutions available, in which the best is full body energy orgasm experience.

The only drawback it has that it gets frustrating because it makes the entire process of sex less enjoyable. It hurts all the relationships, and the partners generally feel disappointed. However, if premature ejaculation happens very regularly, then it can lead to many problems. In such a case, the individuals should visit the doctor ask for proper solutions like full body energy orgasm. 

The Process of Ejaculation
The process of ejaculation is mainly controlled by the central part of the nervous system. When men seem stimulated sexually, some signals sent to the brain and spinal cord. The time when reaching a particular stage of excitement, there are signals which then sent. The messages sent from the brain go to the reproductive organs of the men. This entire process causes the penis to release semen throughout, which is also called the process of ejaculation. 
The process of ejaculation generally has two main phases which are:

Phase 1: Emission
It takes place when the sperm goes on to move from its testicles to the prostate. It is there when the sperm mixes with all the seminal fluid to lead to the making of semen. There are tubes, such as the vasa deferential. It helps to move the semen through the prostate from the testicles to finally the base of the penis. One thing to note is that only one tube is known as vas deferens. 

Phase 2: Expulsion
It takes place when the muscles placed at the base of the penis, generally contract. It makes the semen to move out of the penis forcefully. Usually, ejaculation happens during this time when the semen moves out of the penis. However, there have been cases when some men have even had a climax without ejaculating. Mostly, erections do generally go after this step is over. 

Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction
For many men out there, ejaculation is a problem. It happens when the men are not able to keep or get an erection, which is firm to have good sex. Erection generally goes away after ejaculation did. But sometimes, it does become tough to know and understand if the problem is with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. In case of an issue, one should always try to focus on erectile dysfunction treated first. Once erectile dysfunction treated, the problem of premature ejaculation might get treated on its very own. Hence, many men out there take such things very lightly, which does create health issues in the long run. 

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