A comprehensive guide to Menopause

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Menopause is a natural phenomenon. It marks the end of women’s fertility and menstrual cycle. It sets in with age or due to surgery, treatment of a disease, or an illness. A gynecologist in Panchkula also defines the role of genes in menopause. 

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Though naturally menopause starts at the age of 51 but depending on genetic make-up it can begin as soon as 40 also known as premature menopause.


During menopause, a woman’s ovaries no longer produce the hormones needed for fertility. Hence, if it’s been a year since your last menstrual cycle, and you are facing one or more of the following symptoms, you might have achieved or achieving menopause:

·         Mood Swings

·         Low Sex Drive

·         Hot Flashes

·         Headaches

·         Vaginal Dryness

·         Trouble Sleeping

The majority of patient profile with the best lady gynecologist in Gurgaon complain of experiencing these symptoms years before actual menopause thereby reducing the quality of life. Hence, it is advised to consult your doctor as soon as these symptoms appear.

Stages of Menopause

Menopause is a gradual process that sets in three stages:

Stage 1

This is the perimenopause stage marked by irregular periods. It begins around the age of 47 and a woman is stull fertile. Other notable symptoms at this stage include hot flashes.

Stage 2

A final menstrual period marks the menopause stage along with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep problems, and other symptoms. It is advised by the best gynecologist in Panchkula to wait for a year before confirming the stage.

Stage 3

The Postmenopause stage begins after you complete one year without periods. After this vaginal bleeding isn't normal, so consult your doctor without delay if you experience any spotting after reaching this stage.


There are other ways to confirm if you have achieved menopause. Your doctor can recommend a blood test to check the levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). As your ovaries begin to close, these levels increase.

 Treating the Symptoms

The best gynae doctor in Gurgaon hears multiple complaints of unpleasant changes in their life since the onset of symptoms. She advises them to follow simple steps to counter them:

Lifestyle changes: Since, menopause is a milestone in a women’s life it must be treated with care and importance. Like all major events it calls for some precautions such as a healthy diet and regular exercise. This is a great perfect time to end any old, unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking because your health needs a boost. If your symptoms are too annoying, it is best to pay attention and avoid triggers like caffeine and spicy foods.


Prescription and OTC medication: These are not generally advised by most of the mother care hospitals Gurgaon, but for vaginal dryness and sleep problems you can be prescribed by your doctor some lubricants, and non-estrogen medication.

Nontraditional options: Acupuncture, meditation, and relaxation techniques are harmless ways to ease the stress of menopause, and some people believe they help.

Paras Bliss, Panchkula understands the importance and the complexities of women health. The Department of Gynecology is equipped to address all women-related health issues and is well supported by a team of experienced medical professionals to provide comprehensive care to the woman of today.

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