A Complete Cat Bedding & General Cat Care Guide

by Easy Mart online store in Australia

Do you have a new feline friend at home, or planning to adopt one? Are you wondering how to provide her with the utmost care? If yes, you are in the right place. We have carefully curated a detailed guide that will help you brush up your pet care skills. Cat bedding, blankets, treats & cats scratching trees are some of the accessories you will need.

cat tree

Read on to get acquainted with some cat care accessories & useful tips to give your furry friend the care she deserves.

Top 5 Cat Care Accessories

1). Cat Bedding: Just like humans, cats need a cozy & warm place to curl up. They sleep twice as much as an average human & thus, they’re always searching for quiet areas. Disrupted or lack of sleep can lead to several health issues in cats.

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Providing your pet with suitable cat bedding helps them feel secured & ultimately promotes their health. Various kinds of bedding are available online depending on your pet’s sleeping style, including a lounge, doughnut-shaped, deep sofa cushion, hideaway, or a box bed.

2). Cat toys: Cat toys are an ideal way of keeping your furry companion active & entertained. The toys strengthen the bond between you & your cat. They make her mind sharp, allowing her to use all her senses as she plays, chases, scratches & hunts.

As you plan to purchase toys, consider your pet’s safety, preferences, age, size & behavior. Keeping these factors in mind will keep your kitty safe & meet her personal needs.

You can find the best-suited from an extensive range of jingle toys, catnip toys, plush mice, wand, feather, puzzle & other cat toys online.

3). Cat collars & harnesses: While not every cat needs a harness, putting on a cat collar with ID tags or implanted microchip is a must as it ensures your pet returns home if he/she is lost.

A cat harness is usually required for outings, traveling, while visiting the vets or parks, family & friends. A well-fitted cat harness provides safe exposure & exercise to maintain a healthy weight. It stimulates vital mental enrichment of your cat as well.

Look for the best cats-collars-and-harnesses for your pet from a wide range available these days on both online & offline stores.

4). Cat Blankets: Blankets are considered as significant cat accessories as cats fall in love with the blankets their owners give them. At times, cats are seen as kneading or giving their blankets a gentle massage. It isn’t weird, as this trait is found in most cats. It just means that the cat wants to relax.

Carrying your cat’s favorite blanket while traveling or visiting the vet clams her down when she is stressed.

However, if you observe your cat biting a blanket or other non-food items, she could have stress, dietary deficiencies, or boredom. You can consider visiting the vet in such a case.

5). Cat food: Giving your feline high-quality cat food and fresh & clean drinking water is a must. The quality of the cat food determines your pet’s heart, eye & overall health. Therefore, make sure that the food that you purchase contains essential nutrients such as taurine. Ensure to clean & refill the water bowls with fresh water. Keep the treats 5-10% of the daily diet only.

Besides providing your feline companion with these accessories, you can give her frequent brushing, cut her nails every two-three weeks & get her vaccinated based on her age & health. You can consider making a cat supply checklist & find cat bedding & the best cat toys online to meet her overall needs.

Be a happy cat owner by keeping your cat happy & comfortable! 

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