A Brief On the Measuring Device Lactometer

by Hemant Sharma Digital Marketing Manager

About Lactometer

Milk is an important part of our daily diet. But most of the times, it has been found that milk is adulterated with Formalin, Urea, Starch, Vanaspati, and water. Packaged milk in addition to milk bought from milk-sellers can be adulterated.

Thus, it is always important to check them prior to consuming. In addition to this, water turns out to be the most common adulterant in milk which reduces the nutritional value of milk and can even pose a health risk to consumers. 

Use of Lactometer in checking adulteration in milk

A lactometer is used to measure milk density. It can determine how much water is in the milk that is being tested. This is an instrument used to find out the richness of milk. It works on the law of specific gravity of milk and comprises of a Meter Bulb and a Test-Tube. This device can be used very easily.

You will just need to add some milk in the test-tube and then dunk the meter bulb in it. You will see that the meter bulb hovers. The meter reading points out how pure or impure the particular milk is! The more the bulb sinks, the more impure the milk is. In case the reading is at the red mark, it shows that the milk is rich and unadulterated.

Product Description

A lactometer is usually made of high quality glass. This lactometer is used to gauge the specific gravity and density of milk, level of alcohol spirit, etc. This device is very much in demand in chemical, sugar, brewery & dairy industry, testing laboratory, etc. Prior to supplying this lactometer to the client, this lactometer is tested widely to ensure it is perfect at users' end.


  • Light weight
  • Temperature resistance
  • Accurate reading


A lactometer is used to check the purity of milk. The exact gravity of milk does not give a decisive sign of its composition as milk includes a range of stuff that is lighter or heavier than water. Additional tests for fat content are essential to determine general composition.

Advantages of Lactometer

  • Any individual can use lactometers as it is very easy to use.
  • Lactometer necessitates low maintenance cost.
  • Lactometers results offer maximum accuracy and are trusted by everyone.
  • The prices of lactometers are minimum that is why any person can purchase it.

Lactometer is a cylindrical vessel whose one side is made of a glass tube that looks like a bulb and is filled by mercury and another side is a thin tube. Lactometer has two portions i.e. ‘M ‘and ‘W’ which is divided into three parts and marked as 3, 2, and 1. That points out the level of purity in milk.

So, whenever you want to test the milk purity just put the lactometer in milk. The renowned companies like Bellstone Online and others offer top-notch lactometer online but at a pocket-friendly price.

You can follow the Bellstone Online portals regularly for exciting discounts and deals when you shop online. You can explore them online 24/7 to buy long-lasting, top quality, and branded lactometer at an unbelievable price. 

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