8 Ways To Use Meditation to Improve Your Business

by Larry Williams Marketing Executive

To mention the meditation and many people would associate them with monks who sing in temples or ascetics and have given up the luxury for a life of deep contemplation in the mountains.


This may be true in the past, but today, meditation is practiced by people from all walks of life. Men and women, whether spiritual or otherwise, are learning meditation to improve their responses to the challenges of life. Believe it or not, meditation can even help you to improve your business!


Meditation as a business instrument? Let me explain.


The ever-changing business landscape often leaves many of us shocked, confused or disillusioned. Reacting from these unproductive states of mind usually leads to meaningless reactions that can not only miss long-term business goals, but even jeopardize the life of a business. good friday images  for all time.


Through meditation, you can see through the clutter in the market and make better business decisions. By improving your inner landscape, through meditation, you can react more consciously and clearly to external events, changing the business outcomes you achieve over time. As Albert Einstein once said:


"You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it."


If we panic and try to stop falling sales or regain market share, we can only recognize the problems we face, not the potentials that were outside our borders all the time. No wonder, then, that the results we have obtained from such self-limiting states are uncreative, mediocre and unsatisfactory. And the saddest thing is that many people are unaware of their limited mental states and repeatedly reproduce the same mediocre results. Needless to say, a lot of unnecessary frustration and dissatisfaction arise.


However, they do not have to be in a closed and harrassed state. Here is a meditation technique that you can practice to move to a more open and stronger state. This meditation will take about twenty minutes.


1. Choose a quiet place. Settle into a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of this meditation. You can sit on a chair or lie down on a flat surface.

2. Of course, breathe. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and naturally. Inhale with your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do not worry if the first few breaths are short and fast. Your breath naturally deepens and slows down as you relax.

3. Relax completely with soliloquy. As you inhale, say softly to yourself, "I am ..." and as you exhale, followed by "Relaxed." Draw the word "relaxed" throughout your exhaled breath so that it becomes "relaxxxxxxxxed". Repeat the phrase "I am ... relaxed" for each breath you inhale and expel.


4. Manage distraction. You will inevitably find that your mind meditates to other thoughts, rather than focusing on your breathing and repeating the phrase you have just stated. Do not worry, it's common, especially for those who do not have any experience in meditation. Just bring your attention back to where it should be when you notice that you are losing focus. The best gossip  is inspiration.


5. Practice ten minutes. Continue to focus on your breathing and repeat the sentence for the next ten minutes. A timer with an unbreakable alarm helps you keep track of time.


6. Now remember a business problem. After ten minutes, turn to a business topic that you want to gain deeper insights. Formulate it as a question, for example, "How can I improve the sales of XYZ products?" Focus gently on the selected question. Do not hold it too tight in your head. You know that if your muscles contract and you breathe faster, you are putting too much effort.


7. Research deeply and clearly. Examine the question from the point of view of a beginner, as if this were the first time someone asked you about it. How do you feel? How would you react? How would your answers change if you did not see the problem as you are, but from the perspective of your stakeholders? Think clearly and thoroughly for ten more minutes, or more, if you like.


8. End session. Slowly open your eyes and rest in this condition for a minute out of two before getting up. Write down all the insights and thoughts you may have on a notebook.

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