8 Uncommon Early Pregnancy Signs That You Must Be Acquainted With

by Jessica Roberts Self Employed

In the matter of pregnancy, it is not always necessary that every woman would face the same early pregnancy signals. Every woman is physically different from the others. Hence, for a recently pregnant lady, it is not so unnatural to experience some unique symptoms during her early pregnancy. There are uncountable early pregnancy symptoms. Some are commonly known and some are not.  In this article, Window to the Womb, the advanced center of the private ultrasound scan in Leicester will reveal some not so common early pregnancy symptoms that every mom-to-be should know. 

    1. Metallic taste buds

There are so many newly pregnant ladies who have admitted that they do feel a metallic taste in their tongue whenever they eat something in extreme hunger. It is a mineral-like taste as if somebody has put a coin inside the mouth. It is quite an unusual sign of early pregnancy.

    2. Cramping

Severe cramping is a vital signal of ectopic pregnancy. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg gets implanted outside the uterus. If you face acute cramping inside your body, you must consult a doctor for further medical treatment or visit a baby scan center for a private ultrasound scan in Leicester. 

    3. Constant food cravings and food aversions

At an early pregnancy, a mom-to-be experiences various food cravings. In this situation, some food that she used to like earlier, can become unpleasant to her. This food aversion is absolutely natural in her early pregnancy. 

    4. Fluctuation of moods

Mood swing is one of the major symptoms of early pregnancy. Because of the severe hormonal changes, a mom-to-be often faces mood swings. For excessive unnatural mood swings, you must take your doctor’s counseling.  

    5. Headache and extreme dizziness

In the early pregnancy period many pregnant ladies experience vertigo. Headache and dizziness occur at this time because of the physical and hormonal changes of the would-be mommy and note that this occurrence is not at all unnatural. Do not panic, consult your gynecologist. 

    6. Heartburn

When you are in your early pregnancy period, your stomach acid can leak and enter into the esophagus. As a result of that, you experience heartburn

    7. Elevated body temperature

After ovulation, the body temperature of a lady turns up high suddenly. It stays up to 2 weeks if she is pregnant. 

    8. Constipation

At the early pregnancy period, a woman can often feel bloated. Because of the hormonal changes and food aversion, the digestive system gets hampered. As a result of that, a mom-to-be suffers from constipation during her early pregnancy. 

In this 21st century, do smart work. Go for an early pregnancy scan in Leicester and get a strong confirmation of whether you are pregnant or not. At Window to the Womb, we are providing the best baby scan offers in Leicester. 

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