7 Ways to Use Images in Ad Retargeting Campaigns

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Yes, retargeting gives a very good impact on people as it helps you reach your targeted customers. But what really retargeting is, sometimes we visit a website while checking it we tend to like a few things but then we usually return back to our work without giving a second thought to those things. This is where retargeting starts as our search cookies gets saved with the website and then wherever we are on the internet the same website shows us those same things which usually attracts and we often visit that website again out of curiosity. WAMP Infotech sure you must have experienced it way too many times. Also, using only texts these days is kind of boring so using images is the new trend as images attract more audience.

 So let’s see, the possible ways to use images in Ad Retargeting campaigns:

1)    Show them the Ad’s in which they are interested

Well, the internet has always been good for a bit of window shopping. Well most of us just waste their time looking at the designer clothes sites with no intentions of buying them. Yes! Almost all of us have done that. This is how retargeting begins; the advertisers know what’s on your wish list and start using retargeting to lure you back to their site. So, basically remarketing creates ads that have the products you have viewed and this is kind of awesome because they remind you of how much you’ve loved the product.

2)    There should be two separate campaigns

As we all know there are different types of customers and some of them will be too old and some of them will be your new customer. So it becomes kind of hard when you try to target both the mindsets at the same times. So there should be two different campaigns for this.

3)    Remind past buyers how much they love your brand

Well for the business many of the customers are like family. And if the customers are happy customers they will be easiest to target. As they already know and have trust in your brand so they are easy to persuade. So if remarketing is tried on them you must know what you are showing them.

4)    Images of Landmarks can be helpful too

Well if you want the locals to have the impact then you can very easily use the landmarks around you so that if any of the targeted customers visit that particular area they would in the back of their minds know that you are somewhere around. 

5)    Best Images can work too

Well, it depends on images too, the type of images which would be used will have the impact or not. We should always post the images which have the positive impact on the customers. One should also focus on the feedbacks of other happy customers too.

6)    Play with the images

In ads, images have the greatest impact so you must know how to use and which image has to be used while retargeting various types of audience one should use an image that attracts all.

7)    Write about your image with the ad

Well if you are going to post an image then a little bit of information is necessary too. Because if the people will be new they would not know what the ad is about. So in the end images can be used by the different means and ways. They can be really helpful in promoting some of the ads.

 So that’s all about retargeting and how one can use images to attract the targeted audience.

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