7 Significant Ways for the Canon Printer Ink Cartridges to Last Longer

by Toner Experts Online Printer Ink & Toner Cartridge Supplier
Once you receive the "low ink" message much earlier than you have actually expected, then it is indeed frustrating. To overcome the situation, and to use the Canon Printer Ink wisely to make the most out of your Canon Ink Cartridge, follow the instructions we have shared in this write–up. Abiding by these guidelines, you continue working and prolonging the service life of the cartridge store.

1. Keep the “Low” or “Out of Ink” Warnings in Mind
Remember you might get a "low ink" message on your computer or printer's display when you do not have to change the cartridges instantly. PC World had done a test and discovered that several ink cartridges can hold anywhere from 8% to 45% of ink when the low ink message appears first. You need to keep in mind there is a difference in percentage among the printer brands. Other than taking the printer's word immediately for it, check out the low ink signs to be sure, like the bland texts and light prints.

2. Try Avoiding the Bolds and Large Fonts When Not Necessary
The cartridges will be depleted sooner due to the bold and large font texts. Reduce the text size and use thinner and clearer fonts like New Courier or Arial for extending the cartridge's life and saving on Canon Printer Ink. If you are super thrifty, then download Ecofont – it is a font using 20% less ink as it induces small white circles with individual characters.

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3.  Before Printing, Take Time for Proofreading
Keep some time for proofreading, and then you can avoid the reprints. Practice running spell checks before you have printed, and invest some more minutes in scanning the document to fix the typing errors.

4. Get Your Printer Settings Adjusted
Unknown to you, your computer is likely to have built-in preferences for helping you to save a lot of ink. While using Windows, you have to locate the Devices and Printers section present in the Control Panel. Select the Printing Preferences by right-clicking on the desired printer. Form here, you must select either of the following recommendations, based on your needs –

For using less ink significantly, select the “draft mode” –
The draft mode has been designed for printing faster with a little less precision for you to get a draft worthy version of the document. Compared to the regular printing job, the quality is most likely not to be at par, but it has to suffice when a quick review is needed.

Choosing the “Print in GrayScale” Will Be Saving Your Color Ink –
This option is much helpful in conserving the color cartridge by just printing the documents in black and white.

Selecting the “Document Options” for  Printing Multiple Pages Per Sheet –
When you need to save on ink and paper, then consider adjusting the formatting of the print job by printing more than one page on one sheet. This is indeed a  great option for printing long PowerPoint slides.

5. Always Preview Before Printing
The presence of "print preview" is based on a reason for being built to all the document editors. Make sure to use it. If it is the latest Microsoft Word version you are using, then select 'File', next 'Print', and then your document will automatically be switched to the preview mode. As a result, you can have a glance at it for the final time before clicking on print.

6. Ensure Fixing the Streaky Prints
If the prints are spotty or streaking, then ensure running a printhead cleaning before you have swapped out a new cartridge. The cartridge's printhead can be dried if the printer sits dormant for some time. On running the cleaning feature, any dried ink will be freed up, and the cartridges will run longer.

7. Keep the Works Saved Other Than Printing Them
Before you are press printing, think twice. Often a physical copy is not everything that is necessary. So, before hitting on print, make sure to save a document copy either on phone or Cloud. The two simplified storage solutions easily accessible with the Internet connection are Google Drive and Amazon Drive.

Saving on Canon Printer Inks means the printer and cartridges have will be less disturbed. With saving your inks, a lot of money will be saved. The above-discussed tips are indeed much beneficial to guide you to save a considerable amount of ink so that you can use it longer for important purposes.

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