7 qualities of successful business motivational speakers

by Jaques Montegolifier Chartered Accountant
A person may come across many personalities who have earned fame through their speeches and presentation ideas. Every speaker has a story of struggle, sacrifice, and compromise behind the recognition that is acquired. Some stories are heartbreaking, inspiring, and motivating. Speakers shape their future based on their personal experiences. Every mistake turns into their learning lesson, and every opportunity is a result of their effort and hard work.

Successful business motivational speakers have a combination of abilities that make transformative experiences for the audience. They present opinions in an unbiased and transparent manner. They have qualities such as:

1.    Authenticity:
Speakers tend to connect experiences with speech. They bring out incidents from their personal lives that relate to the subject and create a platform for themselves. The audience can sense when the speaker’s words do not go in sync with the incident narrated. Any mistake can ruin the whole show, with the audience losing interest in the speaker.

2.    Expertise:
A speaker who has gained enough experience and is an expert in the field is always preferred. It provides the audience with real value that they can apply to current situations. And, with speakers being more exposed to real-life situations, they can quickly motivate and inspire the crowd with their experiences.

3.    Passion:
Many speakers add a high amount of emotions to their words. They often get teary-eyed or emotional, while narrating incidents that have affected their whole career. By bringing subjects that are close to their hearts, speakers make the audience realize their pain and struggle, and this is what makes them successful.

4.    Eloquence:
Speakers are naturally fluent and persuasive in their speech. Some require hours of rehearsal and practice to achieve this quality. They write down notes and short summaries of what they discuss to help them meet their goals and objectives.

5.    Empathy:
Every audience is different. Speakers must ensure engagement and interaction with the audience while delivering the speech. Those who are victorious will have not only a script, but also the knowledge, passion, and empathy to deal with different kinds of people in the audience.

6.    Physical movement:
Speakers must even notice their movements and gestures while they speak. Excess of movement can divert the attention of the audience to the stage instead of the speaker. They should understand the concept of body language and use it efficiently to increase engagement and speech activity.

7.    Selflessness:
All speakers, including female motivational speakers, share experiences that help others. They avoid praising and appreciating themselves for their achievements.

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