7 Easy Steps To Clean A Car By Hand

by Crisanto Andrada Consultant

 Visiting a cheap tire shop can save you money by providing the best quality tires at minimum price As well as washing your car by own hands can save you money. It allows you to pay attention to every part of the car and especially on the dirt areas. You can keep your car clean and primitive. Though it is time-consuming (depending on the size) but you will satisfy yourself more than the commercial car wash. For the car wash, you’ll need-

1. Bucket

2. Hose

3. Large Sponge

4. Brush

5. Car cleaner or car wash detergent

6. Towel

1. Park The Car:

Park your car in a place, where no sunlight can reach. It will be easy and comfortable for you to wash on a hot sunny day and the water will not evaporate quickly. Make sure the windows are closed before starting the wash.

2. Get Ready With The Ingredients:

Pour water in the bucket, then add car cleaner or car detergent into the water. After the first wash, the water can be very dirty. If you wish, you can separate the bucket.

3. Hose Off The Car:

Now, use the hose to clear the loose dirt. Do not use a strong flow of water as it can damage the paint of your car. Aim the flow of water to the downwards on all surfaces.

4. Start With The Wheel:

Start cleaning the wheel first as it contains much dirt. Use a wheel-brush to clean more effectively. You can also use toothbrush so that it cleanses the hard-to-reach places effectively. A good tire store can assure with best quality tires, which won’t affect the tire after many washes.

5. Wash Your Car:

Now, take the sponge and soak it in the soapy water. Start rubbing on the car’s body gently. Do not use a brush on the body, it can leave scratches on the car’s body. Start washing from the top by circling your hand. Throw out the water if the water gets dirty. Do not wash your car with dirty water. Avoid excessive washing and washing the same area a second time. Excessive washing can damage the paint.

6. Rinse Thoroughly:

Once you have finished with washing start rinsing from the top of your car so that it can be easier for you to wash properly. Do not wait for long after washing, it can stain your car.

Also, clean the bottom of your vehicle from a different angle.

7. Dry Out The Car:

Once you finish with rinsing part, start wiping with dry towels. Make sure your car is completely dried out to prevent rust. Don’t forget to wipe the windshield as well. You can also clean the windshield with a water repellent to improve the visibility.

Make sure you rinsed every part of your car including the door. Your car is now clean and ready to use.

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