by Crisanto Andrada Consultant

Where we are talking about Tires, there will be punctures for sure! But all the time punctures are not very easy to repair. In that case you need to visit Tires Store or do by yourselves. Here are some useful tips from us you can apply to avoid tire puncture.

1. Choose the best Tire for your vehicle:

We all buy Tires from Tires store. When you buy a tire, first of all, check the quality of the store from where you’re going to buy your tires. Ask the tire supplier for durable tires and go for the details of the tire they’re selling. Choosing best tire always gives you smoothest, fastest, safest and puncture free ride.

2. Examine your Tires weekly:

Examine your tires every weekend. It will help you to find the defect in your tires on time before any unmanageable situation as well as it can save you from tire puncture.

3. Drive carefully:

Yes, check where is your tire going! Try to avoid very rough road because if you rub your tires against the road continuously it can cause puncture, also avoid the construction sites area where stone chips, nails, and wires always lays on the open road, it’s a bright sign to getting your tires punctured as well as it can lessen the durability of your tires.

4. Try to embed puncture proof tires:

Puncture resistant tires are available in the market. You can use puncture proof tires to save your vehicle from unwanted puncture also it will redouble the tires durability.

5. Use tire sealant:

A sealant is a protective layer inside the tire. It can heal punctures instantly and remain long, but try to use sealant on new tires after buying. Its a more secure and excellent repair than any other repairing.

6. Over-pumped tires/ low air pressure cause puncture:

Do not over pump your tires, because of heavy air pressure, tires can puncture anytime or you may face a blowout. Remember low air pressure can also result of a blowout. Most of the blowouts happen due to inflation. When a tire is on an inflation mode, the side part of the tire starts to flexes more and it generates heat. The maximum level of heats occur the tire blowout and leave a question mark over the driver’s safety. Always check the air pressure from your nearest tire store before starting your journey.

7. Change tires often

No you don't need to change your tires altogether for the same. Simply switch the front and the rear tires from time to time. It may sound a little funny but often the rear tires endures more pressure due to the designing structure of the vehicle. Thus, switching these tires often is a very easy and effective way of evenly spreading the load and mitigating high risk of puncture.

From now on, do not forget to check your vehicle tires on time, it can save you from huge viaticum and keep you safe. Wish you a happy journey! 

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