7 Digital Marketing Mistakes Law Firms Make

by Shopia Dicousta I am a Digital marketer

There are several law schools around the globe, and each one takes money, time, and commitment. You need to know that passing a law exam isn't a piece of cake. You need to know that getting hired by a law firm might be challenging unless either you have some great cards working for you or you have a family law firm.

Besides all, there is some time to study marketing. It is the only reason why law firms are sometimes to catch on to what constitutes perfect marketing practice. Some firms are still not yet using essential marketing aspects, including digital marketing or social media.

When it comes to digital marketing, some of the Digital Marketing Mistakes that law firms make are:

1. Thinking you don't need an online presence

Experts state that law firms should have not only an online presence but also have an online presence is known to play a vital role in the success of the firms. The proliferation of tech-dominated tools, including the internet, has made almost all of us look virtually for an attorney search online as the primary significant tool for research.

A law firm that fails to have a robust online presence then they fail to reach a huge cross-section of potential clients but also give the new clients to their rivals.

2. Putting up your rates

One of the most common Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by law firm attorneys is advertising their rates. It takes a lot of firms to run a law firm. So you can charge as long as billable hours rates or offer rates on your official website.

You may get stuck with a rate that will break if you do so. All you need to do remember is the circumstances might alter cases and fees. Though some things might be simple and easy, like writing wills for your clients, it might end up taking way more time and effort as compared to your original plan.

3. Not planning for sustainability in law firm marketing

It is common to know that you didn't attend law school to become an accountant. As per experts who spoke to said attorneys, they often have a standard way of handling money, including pray for a big case, get one and hang on while you wait. You might reduce your risk and maximize your returns when you are planning your marketing initiatives.

If you are thinking about sustainability, then you need to measure your current cases, status, and fees. It is challenging to get data for excellent planning.

4. Ignoring pro bono work

Experts who offer services to digital marketing law firms, digital marketing for lawyers suggest that if you are lucky enough to work for a firm that is making great money off of hot legal issues, including labor laws. You might think that there is no time for pro bono work.

All you need to know that Pro bono work is way more than just a good marketing tactic. It is all about good public relations. You need to ensure that it is mentioned on your social media.

5. Staying stupid about keywords and SEO

You need to outsource it if your firm has no time or inclination to get SEO and keyword strategy right. It would be best if you got it done. Above all, you need to know that SEO for lawyers and law firms are continually evolving, but they aren't going anywhere soon.

You need to know that keywords are now becoming more specific and sophisticated. You aren't doing favors to your business if you think an attorney is the only keyword you need.

6. Not being multichannel

Currently, almost the majority of people watch TV screens with another screen in their laps, quickly shifting between TV and the internet. Irrespective of the platform where they see you from smartphone to giant screen, you want people to recognize swiftly. That is you every time.

It tends to build familiarity with your brand, enhances your professional image, and leads the potential clients to you. Despite the internet's power being multichannel also means that you shouldn't necessarily put all your efforts online. Also, it would be best if you considered traditional marketing efforts.

7. Not dressing to impress in pictures

Experts who offer services to digital marketing law firms, digital marketing for lawyers state that even if your firm has adopted a standard dress code, you always need to dress up. It will always impress clients and judges.

All you need to know that these photos on your Facebook page of the staff need to look professional and not for Goodwill. It would be best if you hunted where the most successful attorneys get their attire from and start shopping there.

Thus, it would be best if you avoided the above mistakes so you can keep your bottom line healthy.

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