4 Reasons Why a Law Firm’s Website Needs a Blog

by Shopia Dicousta I am a Digital marketer
Most owners of legal firms seek ways to cut down their spending both in terms of time and money. You may also want to do the same for your legal firm.

But there is a fine line of distinction between the things that you must do for your business and the ones that you might think about doing. For instance, you must have a website to represent your law firm on the internet.

But the rationale behind your online presence just doesn’t end there, so your law firm’s website needs a blog.

By communicating your ideas with your heart and mind together, you can share them well with your clients. Adding a blog section to your existing law firm website will help you do it with finesse.

The success of every business rides on marketing. It is true for a law firm. The more you showcase your legal expertise to others the better.  

Yes, you will need to invest time to translate this plan into reality. But its positive outcomes will steer your business through to success and eventually make you a success story.

Here are the top four reasons for adding a dedicated blog section to your website.

Reasons to integrate a blog section with your legal firm website

1. A blog promotes a law firm’s credibility and authenticity

Do you wish to get the attention of your potential clients? Be unique and be different from others. 
By merely building a website and going live with it, you will come across as the same XYZ company on the internet that the majority of your clients already know. So, they wouldn’t consider reaching out to you under the impression that you might not have what they are looking for.

Every client, whether existing or potential, wants to assess the quality of the services of a firm before investing in it. Gone are the days when clients used to go by the word of mouth. The majority of people who look for legal assistance believe in the idea “seeing is believing”.

By publishing informative legal content on the blog on your website, you can showcase your expertise to your clients proficiently. As a result, your clients cannot help but notice it. Thereafter, you will not need to run after your clients. They will come to you on their own. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

2. A blog puts a website on the search results of Google and other search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the byword for digital marketing at present.

Why are most webmasters keen to have their websites ranked on Google? The answer to it is simple: they intend to reap the business benefits of featuring on the front pages of its search results.

For businesses, nothing succeeds like success with the right digital marketing strategy. By identifying a few targeted keywords and publishing your informative blogs with them, you will be able to feature your website on Google’s list of top websites.

Don’t worry about the niche though. Your website will only show up on the search results as and when internet users will enter the queries matching your keywords. This translates into reaching out to your target audience. As a webmaster, you can’t ask for anything more, isn’t it?

3. A blog adds meaning to one’s presence on social media

What happens to an article which remains unused for years? It sits quietly at a place collecting dust. The same happens to your social media accounts when you create them but do not bother to post updates for several months or years.

Did you know the secret behind online marketing for law firms is to share fresh content on social media daily? Nine out of ten active social media accounts engage subscribers better than those that sit idly for days or months.

If you have taken the pain to create a social media account and build a profile, you must consider sharing at least 2-3 blogs per week on it. This will bring you more likes, shares, and new subscribers. Plus, it will also encourage your existing subscribers to keep 
coming back for more.

What can be a better way to realize the true potential of your presence on social media than this?

4. A blog adds a touch of professionalism to the image of a law firm

A crafty website is like a well-dressed gentleman. It looks great on the surface but it also needs a professional voice to impress your clients.

If you have a visually appealing website, an informative and professional blog will help you plug the remaining gaps. Coupled with a professional website, a professional blog will help you complete the jigsaw puzzle of your professional online presence.

With the right professional image, your business will always build the first impression which matters the most.

Final thoughts

The aforementioned facts account for the reasons as to why a law firm’s website needs a blog. From marketing your expertise to reaching out to your target audience, a blog opens up a window of opportunities for business. If you do not have a dedicated blog section on your website yet, think about adding it to your website.

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