7 copywriting elements to improve your WordPress mobile app content

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You run a blogging website and have built an app with a WordPress mobile app builder like AppMySite lately. However, if you see a high bounce rate, it implies that your users are leaving your app, without downloading it. If this issue persists, you will miss a lot of opportunities to convert these visitors into users.

To keep your bounce rate at a comfortable level and your users engaged, you’ll need to improve the content of your app. It has many of the answers your users might seek. 

In this post, we will tell you how you can improve your app content like a pro. Read on:

Make a content strategy

When it comes to drawing in your ideal customers, you will need to develop the right content strategy.

A messily written content gives your users the impression that you are unprepared and haven’t done the right research for the people you are trying to reach. 

Creating a content strategy keeps you away from this, as well as helps you make the most out of your app.

A good strategy always starts with an understanding of your target audience.

To do this, you need to ask a few questions and find answers to them. These questions can be like: 

Who is your audience?

What are their pain points? 

What do they value the most? 

By knowing the answers to these questions, you can draft your app content accordingly, to address all relevant concerns your audience has.

Tackle your user concerns

You need to convince your users to explore more of your business. It means you have to deal with any of their interests, they may have. 

The best way to do this is to anticipate what their considerations would be. 

Be it a question about your products, or about a potential purchase, make sure you address all of their concerns.

With preventive measures, you can add value by showing that you are serious about being a part of the solution to their needs and problems. 

Whatever the way you will be using to address your user concerns, ensure that it is exciting and in line with what your audience would want.

Foster genuine interest in your prospective users

Content is not just about using the right words to sell or engage your audience, but to give them a reason that encourages them to buy from you.

To do this, you need to research your audience and their opinions. By knowing them, you will likely find something that catches their interest.

You could even visit online forums or discussion groups that your users frequently visit. This will take your understanding deeper and give you a piece of in-depth knowledge of what’s on their mind.

This is the best way to cultivate a genuine interest in your prospective users.

Converse in your user language 

Know your audience and communicate with them using words that they can easily understand. Make sure you address your business benefits, which is something they want.

By following forums and other places where your users usually spend time, you can take note of the words they’re using and exercise the same terms in your content. This conveys that you are giving value to your audience.

Visualize what your users would like to know before you write your app content. Figure out what more they want to know about you and your business.

Remember, your app content should target your audience's needsIf you make them feel importantyour bounce rate will improve.

Use facts to build credibility

Do not list everything positive with your businessHowever, if you make such kind of declarations without any validation, it will make your readers doubt you.

People don’t like non-specific statements that do not give them an absolute answer about what your business is all about. This is why you need to be specific with your content. 

Use facts and figures that support your claim.

Incorporate relevant emotional triggers into your content

If your content doesn’t have the right emotional triggers, it will come across unappealing and boring. Moreover, your users may feel that your content is either solely factual or doesn’t have enough information to pull your audience in

Make sure your content prompts people to download your app. 

Once you know your target audience’s desires, choose the type of emotion you should incorporate in your content.

Hit the right tone

By striking the right tone in the content, you can turn around a lifeless content into one that people will be more inclined to act upon.

By not using the right tone or using a formal tone, you are probably committing two of the biggest mistakes in your content. It can create a difference between you and your audience that can keep them away from making any engagement with your business. 

To promote a better connection with your audience, you need to chuck the formalities.

Avoid using jargon, especially when your target audience isn’t too technical. It may lose you a sale or long-time readership in the process.

Besides, you should write in an approachablecasual, and friendly tone that people often use. This makes your readers feel welcomed, without any doubt.

Don’t forget to add call-to-action

Regardless of how engaging or impressive your content is, you need to have a compelling call-to-action button at the end.

If you do not include this essential element in your content, it will leave your visitors confused about what to do next or how to act on their interests.

By adding call-to-action button, you can offer something of value like freebies or a discount. It is also a great way to highlight the most important benefit of the app

Get the results you want

If you want to reinforce your app to be a highly engaging sales tool, then reducing your bounce rate should be one of your priorities.

By successfully enacting upon the above tips, you can undoubtedly strengthen and enhance your message.

Incorporating the above-proven elements ensures that you are effectively communicating your value to your visitors. Moreover, with this move, they would want to know more about your business, and your app’s bounce rate will get reduced.

Remember that no matter how well-written your app content is, you’re bound to have a couple of rebellious visitors who are just not interested in what your business is offering.

Last but not the least, your app content is just a piece of the overall puzzle. Many other factors could be affecting your app’s bounce rates. 

Therefore, it’s always worth testing each element to know what can make the most significant difference for your app. However, for that, first you need to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app to achieve holistic success.

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