7 Best Plants You Can Buy For Your Mum

by Maddy Smith Content Writer

7 Best Plants You Can Buy For Your Mum 

If you are planning to surprise your mother with the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or on her birthday, then instead of giving her the regular gifts of chocolates and cake, why not surprise her with beautiful potted plants. You can gift her houseplants that she can keep indoors or even plants that are suitable to be kept outdoors. Plants make the perfect gift because they are lasting, and when the plants bloom, they brighten the entire place. While selecting a plant, you need to ensure that it should be easy to care for and does not require a significant amount of sunlight. Here are some of the plants that you can buy for your mum.

  1. Laceleaf

Laceleaf is a herb that often grows as epiphytes on other plants. But these can be cultivated as terrestrial plants, and you will find that these plants produce unusual flowers that resemble a bright red leaf with a yellow protrusion from the middle. The blooms are called 'flamingos' because they resemble the bird. You can also purchase the Queen laceleaf, which produces pink blooms. Both species of laceleaf are easy to maintain as all you need to do is water it occasionally and give it indirect light for a few hours. You will find that the plant flourishes even with minimum care.

  1. Peace lily

You can also present your mother with a beautifully potted peace lily plant. This plant produces lovely white flowers that can brighten the entire place. The flowers are also unique in shape; the blooms resemble a white leaf more than a flower. However, this makes the plant unique. Peace lily does not require extensive care; all you need to do is keep the soil moist. You do not need to water the plant regularly. Water it only when the soil has completely dried out. The plant peace lily also symbolizes love, support and admiration. If you want to express these feelings to your mum then gifting her a beautifully potted peace lily plant is perfect.

  1. Green fern

When you think of houseplants, you cannot miss out on the green fern. This plant produces thick foliage that can be soothing for the eyes. When you look at a potted green fern plant, the first thing you will notice is the long leaves of the plant. It makes the perfect houseplant because it is easy to maintain, and you do not have to worry about keeping it in the sun for long hours. The plant can thrive after a few hours of medium to bright sunlight. All you need to remember is that the soil should be well-draining. Another feature of the green fern is that you can plant it outdoors. If you want to gift your mother a potted plant that she can keep outside, a green fern is a perfect gift.

  1. Calatheas

This plant is a perfect gift for your mum if she likes houseplants with thick and bright foliage. The individual leaves of a calatheas are big and bright green. On the leaves, you will find white and pink stripes that add to the beauty of the plant. Calatheas are plants that you can maintain quite easily. But you only need to ensure that it is kept in a warm spot where it receives indirect sunlight. It is best to keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Calatheas love humidity, so keeping the plant's soil moist is a good idea. You can put the plant on a tray of pebbles to hold the moisture.

  1. Monstera

The monstera plant also makes an excellent houseplant and is commonly known as the 'Swiss Cheese' plant because of its leaves. You will find that the holes on the leaves of the plant resemble that of Swiss Cheese, hence, its name. But it is these holes in the leaves of the monstera that add to the beauty of the plant. It is a perfect houseplant because it is easy to care for and can grow quite big. If you place the plant in a large enough planter, you will find that it can grow quite tall and produce large leaves. The plant can help reduce indoor air pollution and improve your home's air quality, making it a thoughtful gift. In addition, it will show that you are concerned about your parents' health.

  1. Ficus

Ficus is a beautiful plant that can be a perfect gift if you are looking for a houseplant that is easy to grow. The best thing about Ficus plants is that they can thrive in indirect sunlight. Although the plant has thick foliage with rubbery leaves, you will find that the plant does not require direct sunlight. Instead, you can put the plant in a spot where it receives indirect sunlight.

  1. Begonia

This is also a perfect plant to gift your mother as it is a perennial plant with beautiful blooms. The only thing about begonias is that the plants need to be placed in a suitable location. The plants need a significant amount of light, and you need to put them in a pot with good drainage. The plant needs to be adequately watered, but you should not overwater the plant. This can result in root rot. Begonias are beautiful plants that grow to a short height and produce beautiful blooms. Place the plant in the corner of a room will become the center of attraction.

Thus, there are several plants that you can gift your mother. When you purchase a plant for your mother, all you need to ensure is that the plant is easy to maintain. Another thing you can consider is selecting plants that your mother would like to place in her home. If she likes houseplants, then you can choose indoor plants. Otherwise, you can always choose plants that you can keep indoors and outdoors. Houseplants can brighten any room and make the best gifts because they last a long time. So, show your love and care for your mum by purchasing a beautiful houseplant from online Florist Melbourne.

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