Why You Need Best Plants for Indoors

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Indoor plants not only increase creativity but also boost our moods. They reduce stress, air pollution and make our life healthy and happy. Indoor plants look really good and enhance the overall appearance of the space.

Indoor plants help in observing toxins from the air, increase oxygen level and humidity.

They also reduce noise levels and increase our concentration power.

A healthy working and living environment is very important so that we can work with a peaceful mind. NASA has conducted a study on clean air. These common indoor plants help to achieve clean air by filtering harmful toxins and pollutants which makes our indoor space more breathable.

AIR PURIFYING PLANTS absorb carbon dioxide from the air and provide oxygen to us. This helps in concentration and we find a relaxed and Happy environment. That is why indoor plants provide us a healthy working and living space

These are 10 reasons you need the best plants for indoors.

No need to be a Green thumb

Some indoor plants can be great but it is not easy to keep them alive. You can choose low maintenance INDOOR PLANTS like air plants, cactus plants. Apart from this they are also plants which require zero maintenance like eucalyptus. Indoor plants purify the air. Their psychological benefits also cannot be ignored.

They are easy

We all have pets in our home. But you know it is very easy to take care of an indoor plant rather than pets. There is no doubt it can be very fulfilling to take care of a living thing. If your society doesn't allow it then you can place the best plants for indoors which will give you a similar experience.

Amazing smell

Do you like a sweet smell in your home forever? It's good. You will not need candles, air fresheners and room fresheners too. The smell of these fresh plants and flowers overpower these chemical based products. Decorate your indoor space with some fragrant plants like mint, roses, Rosemary lemon trees and lavender.

Save money

Indoor plants are not only used for decoration papers but  have some health benefits. It can save your time and money .You can use aloe vera for sunburn, citronella for mosquito repellent. Tomatoes and herbs can be used in cooking.

Local Production

Are you a food lover and want to eat something fresh, local and organic every time? If you are concerned for your health then you can grow edible flowers and vegetables in your apartment.

When You grow indoor plants at home, you have more options to choose. If you are out of the country and want to grow Tulsi( basil tree) then you can grow it Indoors.

For decoration purpose

Decorate your home with potted plants and beautiful flowers in every season. This is the best and easiest way to enhance the beauty of your living space. Tropical leaves are best in the summer season.

Pine branches and poinsettias are most suitable in the winter season. In the fall season you can grow pine cones, pumpkins and dahlia. Decorate your indoor garden with tulip, Cherry blossoms in the spring season.


A lot of people decorate their home with stylish bookshelves, picture frames, ceramic animals, candlesticks etc. But now you have more things to do. You can fit small  house plants on a shelf to style vignettes.

Air purifying quality

Many house plants remove harmful pollutants from air eg. carbon monoxide, ammonia, pollen, mould and formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause allergies, headache, fatigue and sickness.

Add some indoor plants in your apartment, balcony or even bedroom so that it can improve the air quality and you can enjoy the clean air and health.

Reduce Stress 

Indoor plants not only have physical benefits but also a lot of psychological benefits. Place indoor plants around your home to reduce stress, to lower blood pressure level and to make your life happy.


Are you bored with your carpet, white walls and kitchens in your home? Then it is time to add some colour to your home. Plants are a great way to add colour in your living space. Indoor plants will not only add colour to your home but also provide a lot of benefits.

Place them in colourful pots so that it can be more colourful. Indoor plants are the best choice to add greenery in your home. These are some reasons why indoor plants are gaining more popularity over the last few years.

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