6 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating React Native App

by Aditya Goswami writer

You can say that React Native is the future for mobile app development because in just a short span of 5 years since its launch, it has achieved great success, and more than 1.6k developers are using it for mobile app development. Before I come to the topic of this blog, let me give you a short description of React Native technology. 


React Native, an open-source framework is a tool used for building high-quality Mobile apps, and it was developed by Facebook. It is convenient to create a react native app compared to other hybrid apps if you have basic knowledge about it.


Today, React Native has become the superior choice for mobile app development as it creates apps for Android and IOS platforms. However, several times, the app development process gets affected negatively. I know there will be a question coming to your mind right now that:

Why does it happen?

The answer is quite simple due to developers' mistakes that affect and slow down the development process. Many developers make some mistakes that they should avoid.

In this blog, I have highlighted six common mistakes to avoid when developing a react native app.

Wrong estimation

The common mistake that React Native developers make is misestimating project layout and frames. Things you should tend to avoid doing.

  • Android & IOS version layout: This mistake is committed most of the time by beginners because they often tend to forget that there are different layouts of Android and IOS versions. I agree that React Native has several standard reusable components, but both platforms' design should be different. If this wrong estimation is avoided, developers can work without any hassle.

  • Creating web apps: While creating a web app, you should focus on checking if all the endpoints are provided by the backend correctly or not. You should understand the structure of the database, the entities that are connected to it, and whether it is appropriately coded or not because it helps you plan the redux store properly.

  • Forms: While developing React Native app, developers are supposed to write more codes, so you should estimate the layout forms correctly compared to while you develop in a hybrid app.

Improper Redux Store Planning

If I talk about the Redux store, it is a handy tool for managing larger and heavier applications. Often developers face a lot of problem inconvenience when they use redux for creating a small scale React Native app. Redux is suited for big projects as it is required to write complicated and long codes. So if you have a big and innovative project, believe me, it is the best tool for handling app data. If you plan correctly, it efficiently stores and manages the data while debugging app states. 

Not Reading Code Of External Modules

Developers often use extra modules during the app development process to avoid hassle and save time. But sometimes, things do not work as predicted as modules break, so developers must read the code because it will help solve many problems, and you will get to know if something is wrong in the module so that you can resolve it immediately.

Not Optimizing React Native Images

Image optimization is a high-priority task that many developers avoid and do not consider. Developers should give proper attention and consider it because image optimization will increase your app performance. It helps to resize the images that will automatically upload in cloud storage through a server, and after that, developers are provided with a CDN link that they can use through API.  

Leaving Console.Log Statements

Console.log statements are beneficial, and developers should use it because it helps debug and ensure that it is glitch-free during the app execution process. But it will cause severe damage if developers forget and leave the log statement in the app. You should avoid this mistake; otherwise, your app's loading speed will slow down.

Ignoring Project Structure

While developing a React Native app, developers should organize projects, files, and folders, which will make their life much more comfortable as structured projects will give valid data. Developers who are new and do not have much experience often do not organize their project structure, which messes up things. So it is necessary to practice organizing the project structure because it will ultimately give great speed to the apps developed with React Native.


To conclude, these are common React Native app development mistakes that developers make. There can be other mistakes that developers might be making, but as a developer, your ultimate aim should be to avoid these mistakes, and you should know how to speed up react native app development process to create the best app. In the end, it will help you and save your time and effort. Hire React Native Developer from the most trusted React Native development company now and avoid such mistakes.

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