5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Gemini's Soul Mates

by Astro Ved Online Astrology Consultation
Zodiac Sign Gemini:

Gemini is perhaps the most quick-witted and expressive of all the zodiac signs. It can actually represent two different personalities rolled into one, and no one can be sure which one will come to the fore, when. True to this unique feature, the sign itself is represented by the symbol, twins. It is ruled by planet Mercury, Mano Karaka, the significator of intelligence, and this make the natives of Gemini high on a host of attributes like intellect, imagination, skills, and articulation. Gemini, the third in the natural zodiac, also remains an air-sign.

While those born in sign Gemini are usually very intelligent, knowledgeable, skillful, good in verbal communication, humorous, and sociable, they can also be unstable and wavering, confused, and even selfish.    
Gemini being such an exciting sign, it may be interesting to find out which among the 12 zodiac signs can enjoy a sound Gemini compatibility and people of which signs can qualify for forging such an intimate partnership with the Gemini people. 
Here let us learn about 5 such zodiac signs that can remain Gemini soul mates.   

Gemini Soul Mates:

Leo, ruled by the mighty Sun, is a fire sign, which can exude fixed energy, and this can bring stability in the relationship with the animated Gemini. The Gemini-Leo bond is a mixture of air and fire, and this can really fire their spirit to new heights. Gemini and Leo do have their differences, but there are enough common grounds that can unite these people congenially under the same umbrella. People of both these signs are outgoing and social, and enjoy being in the company of like-minded people. They are also curious by nature and possess an artistic flair. Further, while Gemini is intelligent, articulate, imaginative, and humorous, Leo is no less with a nobility, generosity, and broadmindedness. Though they both have their share of shortcomings like Gemini’s wavering nature and Leo’s pride, they can still make a good couple for life together. Hence, there can be no doubt that Leo can definitely be a loveable Gemini soul mate for life.


‘Opposite poles attract,’ and this is true even in the realm of astrology. In the natural zodiac, Gemini occupies the third House, while Sagittarius, ruled by the ‘wise’ Jupiter, the ninth. The third House is said to signify the mind’s lower realms, denoting worldly intelligence, and the ninth, the higher realms of the mind, denoting spiritual inclination. This can thus be really a great combine, both for this world and for the other, so to say! Besides, both Gemini and Sagittarius are free-spirited independent entities that love fun, travel, and adventure. This convergence in their characteristics should be enough to overcome Gemini’s capriciousness and Sagittarius’ tactlessness. So, the Gemini-Sagittarius pair should be a lively combination that can enjoy plenty of pleasant moments together in life.


‘Birds of the same feather flock together.’ With so many similarities in their characteristics, Gemini and Aquarius can very-well be termed the ‘same-feather birds,’ and it is no surprise that one can remain the soul mate of the other. There are some very striking features common to both, and these include intelligence, imagination, communication, and a liking for socializing. Both Gemini and the Saturn-ruled Aquarius are also air signs. Further, Aquarius, being a fixed sign, can bring the much-needed focus into Gemini’s high-flying scheme of thoughts, help them to be grounded, and channelize their thinking purposefully into sensible ideas and concrete action plans. But their greatest compatibility may come in the realm of handling emotions. Both signs can be called unemotional. This can help them talk over their differences, as and when these arise, with a clear head, iron them out without hurting one another, get over them quickly, and continue with their lives with understanding and harmony.  

Subsequent to the above 3 signs, one can consider the Aries-born also to be compatible with the Gemini-people. Overall it may look that there are more dichotomies than similarities between Gemini Aries. Ruled by the fiery Mars, Aries is a moveable fire sign, known for its energy, aggression, impulsiveness, and short-temper. But these people may find the humorous, imaginative, and charming Gemini, with strong articulation skills irresistible at times and may start admiring them. This can even make the generally intolerant Aries overlook some of Gemini’s weaknesses like selfishness, flirtation, etc. and associate themselves with the Geminis for a life-long partnership. 

Libra Gemini are both air signs. Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet signifying love and beauty, is regarded as a gentle sign. These people are just, fair, lovers of peace, beauty, art, and finer aspects of life, and are even impractical idealists, at times. And most of these qualities may appeal strongly to the sharp intellect and imaginative mind of the Gemini-born, who may even become the admirers of the generally- attractive Librans. And there may be no reason why the quick-thinking Gemini will think twice before seeking the company of the Libran as his or her life partner.                      

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