Zodiac Sign Gemini

by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer
Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and is situated between Venus and the Moon, two benefice planets. This house has the aspect of Jupiter and Mars. Its lord is Mercury. This planets is considered a half benefice for, in conjunction with benefice, it becomes a benefice, and in conjunction with a malefic, it becomes a malefic this planet is generally very close to the Sun and as such, there is usually a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury the lords of the 3rd and 1st houses, which is not very pleasant for however much the Sun may be a friend of Mercury, it is a cruel planet, besides being the Lord of the 3rd house, which is malefic.

Generally speaking, since Mercury also happens to be the lord of 4th house, which indicates Vidya or education, many lawyers are found born in this Ascendant. To add to it, the 10th house is also owned by Jupiter, who is a spiritual teacher and hence in an extended sense an indicator of justice and legal knowledge. These people have reasonably good health, unless, Mercury or ascendant itself is badly afflicted and generally speaking they are not very robust in health.

The 2nd house has the Moon as its lord, and this house is between Mercury and the Sun. This house has the aspect of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. These people are generally truthful, but still, they can make an untruth appear as a great truth, meaning thereby that they can be very diplomatic. Birth during the waning Moon, especially during the last week, is not very conducive to any great domestic happiness and though Jupiter may have an aspect on the 2nd house, the aspect of Saturn and Mars generally indicates some want in their domestic bliss. So far as the question of money is concerned, they can save money, but they usually manage to lose much of their savings. Jupiter and the Moon are friendly planets, at least not inimical.

The 3rd house has the Sun as its lord, and this house is between the Moon and Mercury. The Sun and Mars this house has the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn. These people generally have a good number of brother and sisters, but unfortunately owing to the aspect of Saturn, the native thrives much better than the brothers or sisters. The aspect of Saturn especially on this house, make them a bit vengeful and excitable by nature. Whether they act upon it or not is a different matter, and very often they suffered from a certain amount of vanity. They have frequent small journeys on land.

The 4th house has Mercury as its lord, and this house is between the Sun and Venus, and they both are friends of Mercury. This house has the aspect of only Jupiter. The Moon and mercury must be considered to be friends. So also Jupiter and Mercury hence they have a perfect and respectable lady as the mother, but if the Moon is poorly placed in the horoscope, they lose their mother early in life. They get a decent education and have a large circle of friends. The aspect of Jupiter on this house is indeed very welcome, in that they do not translate their negative thought into action.

The 5th house has Venus as its lord, with the aspect of Saturn and Mars. Both of them are friendly with Venus, and this house is between Mercury on one side and Mars on the other. Owing to the aspect of Mars, they have very good intellect, but owing to the aspect of Saturn, they do not have an agile mind or keen perception. No doubt Mercury and Venus are friends, but Jupiter and Venus are enemies. The natives have children. They may lose one or two, but most of the children survive them. The aspect of Saturn brings them lucky breaks. They are found of power and authority, but somehow they are not able to exercise its property.

Scorpio, the 6th house, is between two benefices Venus and Jupiter, with the aspect of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. This position brings them many enemies, and it must also be remembered that Mars and Mercury are enemies and their enemies are sometimes life-long. Unless Mars is weakened in the horoscope, and Mercury is comparatively stronger, the enemies keep giving them a lot of trouble in their lives, more or less continuously. They are generally subjected to periodical ill-health but nothing serious. Sometimes they run into debt as well, and very often they are cheated.

The 7th house has Jupiter as its lord, and this house is between Mars and Saturn. However much they may be natural malefic, they are both friends of Jupiter. But Jupiter and Venus are enemies. This house has the aspect of Mercury, hence they marry well but there are very strong indications of a plurality of marriage, and somehow there is a discount on their domestic happiness.

The 8th house has Saturn as its lord, and this house is situated between Jupiter and Saturn, with the aspect of the Moon. Hence these people live up to reasonably old age. Saturn happens to be the lord of the 8th house with the aspect of the Moon. It may be responsible for the unhappiness which they very often have in their lives.

The 9th house as its lord Saturn and this house is between Saturn and Jupiter. There is the aspect of Mars and the Sun Saturn, and the Sun are enemies, so also Saturn and the Mars. The absence of any benefice aspect on this house is very distressing. Somehow there is a definite misunderstanding between the father and the Son, and the native rarely inherits

Paternal property worth the name the aspect of the Sun on the 9th house as ''Pitrukaraka'' is not good. They are reasonably religious in thought, and they are quite charitable.

The 10th house has as its lord Jupiter, and this house is between Mars and Saturn. 

This house has the aspect of Mercury these people will do well in any advisory capacity such as lawyers, secretaries, etc. The aspect of Saturn on this house brings them much labor in any work they undertake. They become religious and orthodox as their age advances.

The 11th house has Mars as its lord, with the aspect of Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. They earn very well in their lives, often much more than they deserve.

The 12th house has Venus in it and is situated between Mars and Mercury with the aspect of Mars. They are very liberal in spirit, but many a time they are very eccentric. While sometimes they spend, say a hundred rupees with patience, they will, on the other hand, haggle very seriously for a few paisas. Still, as Venus is the lord of that house, they know how to enjoy their lives. Mars is a malefic planet, but it is a friend of Venus.

The absence of any malefic aspect on this house is indeed good.

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