5 Vital Tips to Consider when Maintaining a Commercial Oven

by Simon Hopes Author

Almost all well-established catering companies and restaurants of today’s era have decided to invest in a commercial oven probably because apart from handling excessive strain and stress without any sort of hassle, it could heat quickly,  be utilised for cooking varied items, as well as conform to prevalent safety protocols. Seeking professional assistance obviously seems viable when technical glitches crop up but one can enhance overall functioning of the said accessory by diligently implementing five essential maintenance tips namely cleaning cooktop burners with maximum caution, looking out for grease build-up on fans, inspecting door regularly, stabilising power, and recalibrating thermostat. To know more about each, readers must buy some time, and check out below-mentioned pointers right away.

  • Clean Cooktop Burners or Interior

According to renowned providers offering standard commercial ovens in Australia for an affordable price, cleaning interiors of any culinary equipment is highly essential. Start by removing racks and soaking them in a mixture of water and ammonia. Doing so would extract even most stubborn filth. Cooktop burners should be thoroughly scrubbed with mild detergent for getting rid of accumulated grime.

  • Inspect Oven Door

Because of heavy usage and subjection to other inconsistencies, a commercial oven’s door might wear down gradually. Rather than neglecting seal cracks or damages just to save a few bucks, it would do good to contact a specialist. Carrying out operations with a flawed seal can prevent interiors from retaining heat as well as unnecessarily escalate energy bills.

  • Look Out for Grease on Fans

After every three to six months, carefully observe a commercial oven’s fan or blower to see if there is grease build-up. Not resolving the issue as soon as detected can restrict airflow along with unfortunately hampering ventilation in kitchen. An owner’s manual generally has specific guidelines regarding de-greasing. 

  • Recalibrate Thermostat

Top-notch manufacturers providing extremely resilient commercial ovens in Australia have emphasised upon significance of recalibrating thermostat every now and then. Accuracy can be evaluated by placing thermometer inside this particular appliance, and comparing temperature variations meticulously. In case you notice discrepancies, scan the manual to recalibrate or get the thermostat replaced immediately.

  • Stabilise Power

Running a commercial oven on low power can result in excessively inferior performance. For example, if your appliance is a 240 VAC and you are using it suppose on 208 VAC, power is alleviated by almost twenty per cent. One of the best ways to stabilise power would be by purchasing and installing a transformer.

Keeping each tip specified above in mind would most surely allow a commercial oven to last for prolonged period, and effectually increase its efficiency to a great extent. Now isn’t that absolutely amazing? Always remember to wear gloves when conducting the diverse upkeep steps because caustic chemicals can burn skin. Also owing to not leaving behind flames, microfiber cloths is considered best for wiping. 

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