5 Tips to earn money without any investment

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Earn Money through Lottery Games in India

Are you wondering how to win a lottery game in Bhutan, Nagaland, Assam, Kerala, and other lottery legalized states than you must know how to take tickets for each day's games? There is a game called Teer in the Northern States which is very famous in the local area. Each day Teer Bookie earns a lot of money just by selling Teer Tickets to the Teer Players. The amazing thing about this game is that Teer Bookie no needs to invest in this game! Teer Players and Teer bookie both are earning daily. 

Earning Techniques Must Know

So there are various lottery game in one of the states of India where you can either set up your business as a Bookie or Players for example you can also opt for Kerala Lottery, Punjab Lottery, Sambad Lottery, Bodoland Assam Lottery, Dhankesari Lottery, etc There are various techniques you can follow to win and lottery game or to earn money using those games. In order to crack those games, you can follow your dreams. There are many online sites available that will help you to convert your dream into numbers 

How to play lottery games in India!

If you want to play Dhankesari Lottery, Bhutan Lottery, Khanapara Teer Game, Shillong Teer Game you need to take tickets from your nearest bookie. You need to invest pocket money say 1-2 rupees only. In lieu of 1 rupee, you will get up to 70 rupees. Just imagine if you invest 1000 rupees in a day, you can win 70,000 rupees in a single shot! Before taking numbers you must go through the Teer Dream numbers or Teer Common Numer so that you can easily crack the games!

Shillong Teer a similar to Khanapara Game played in Meghalaya. Lots of pro archer comes to shoot the target. On basis of the target, Teer results numbers are calculated in two rounds First & Second. There is a gap of two 1 hours between the rounds. In this gap, you can again invest money for the second round to earn handsome money!

Wrap Up

Hope you got the idea regarding the rules of both Lottery and Teer games. You must keep in find whether you are investing in Lottery or Teer games. you need to have your sure numbers which you can find from the bookie itself. But as an advanced player, you can also calculate those numbers using the previous game results. You can also follow this below link for your target numbers 

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