5 Things You Didn't Know about Salvaging

by Kevin Smith Author

Out with the old, in with the new! Home renovation and upgrades are the latest crazes, with many homeowners tackling big projects in their homes. When it comes time for replacing and upgrading, many people are at a loss as to what to do with their old cabinets, windows, doors, and much more. Renovating can make a big mess, and many are eager to clean up as soon as possible. That's where opportunities to salvage cabinets in Clare can come in handy. With salvaging becoming more common, it's good to know about the process and options for homeowners. 

Second Chance

Salvaging is the act of retrieving or preserving something from the potential loss. Think of an old, beat-up junker or broken mirror- when these things are salvaged, their parts are put to good use again. There are professional salvage companies who help homeowners by collecting they're unwanted, used goods, furniture, cabinetry, and windows. They then transport them to a salvage warehouse or reclamation center, where they can be spruced up and selected for another chance at life in a different home. 

Salvage Center

When you decide to salvage your old cabinets or windows, they may very well end up at an architectural salvage center. This is a warehouse that buys and sells bits and pieces salvaged from remodeled or demolished buildings. You never know what you may find here- beautiful old cabinetry, door moldings, antique radiators, and chandeliers are just some of the possibilities. In every case, these items are available for purchase for much less than their modern-day equivalents. 

A Piece of History

When you decide to salvage something in your home, you can enjoy the knowledge that you're preserving a piece of history rather than tossing it in the trash. There's going to be someone out there who put your old cabinets or doorknobs to good use! While it can take time and money to restore antiques, many homeowners find it to be a worthwhile process. They take pride in the fact that refurbished pieces are not like anything being made or manufactured now. 

Bargaining Power 

Many homeowners don't realize how fun salvaging can be. It requires work, but it's a challenge to find the best option for your home and envision how materials can be refurbished to fit your design scheme and style. For those wishing to salvage their cabinets or other materials, they will be surprised by the prices they can get for their old, unwanted pieces. Homeowners should use their bargaining power to make good deals- it's worth it for them to see what they can get for these materials! Some warehouses even have overstocks of common items like lavatory sinks, and they may be able to secure a good deal. 

Cash in Your Trash 

It's no secret that home projects can quickly rack up a massive price tag. Why throw away something that may be worth some money? If it's truly time for you to part with old cabinets or architectural details, think before you throw. Selling these items to a salvage yard could give you more bang for your buck. In some cases, the salvager will remove these parts for you, while some contractors on major demolitions will discount the cost of their labor in exchange for salvage rights. 

Think twice before tossing your old cabinets, tiles, mantelpieces, and more. There are plenty of ways to salvage cabinets in Clare and give old pieces another chance at life. 

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