5 Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Hair Conditioner

by Ankesh Kapoor Writer
You have consulted with the best trichologist in your city and he/she has recommended the Best Hair Conditioner for soft and shiny hair. Within a few washed, you even start feeling the positive results and can clearly observe how smooth your tresses are. Everything is going good and you have a good hair day almost every time you wash your hair. However, after a certain time, you realize that your hair has started losing their beauty and are dry and lifeless like earlier. What has changed so suddenly? Your hair products are the same, you are applying it as per the given directions, they were good for your hair type, so what has caused this hair damage problem? Yes, you might not have realized it but there are various elements and factors around that play important parts in the quality of your hair. These elements or your surroundings must have changed that is causing the damage. We have listed 5 reasons to change your hair conditioner:

Undergone Chemical Treatment
Have you opted for hair rebonding or permanent straightening or curls or fashion colours? If yes, then it implies that your hair is chemically treated and need extra care and attention. Any carelessness in ensuring their care may result in damage and hair fall. So, if you have undergone any of these treatments, then your old hair products might not work as earlier and you need a Herbal Conditioner that controls all the damage due to chemicals.

With age, your hair becomes dry and rough, leaving its natural shine and health. Of course, you need to be careful as you can face sudden hair fall or breakage that is quite disheartening at times. Your regular hair routine might not work as effectively as earlier and you definitely need to start using milder products that are not too harsh on your scalp and tresses. 

Seasonal Change
As the seasons change and your mane go through different climatic conditions, they are not able to adapt instantly to it. Humidity, heat, temperature, cold, rain, every season has its own pros and cons on your hair and its health. When it’s cold, your scalp gets dry and itchy, tresses are lifeless and rough. Similarly, in hot and humid weather, the scalp is too oily and gets dirtier every day. Therefore, you need a conditioner that works 12 months of a year no matter what season it is. Natural Hair Conditioner is considered ideal for long-term effects and to fight all the climatic changes.

Increased Dirt and Pollution
If you have been working on a site where you have to go through dust and pollution, then it is surely affecting your scalp and hair as well. The scalp is getting oily every day due to dirt and harmful particles in the surroundings and your tresses are getting drier and rough day by day. Therefore, if your mane is facing pollution, then it might be difficult for the old and commercial products to keep your scalp nourished and keep the essential oil intact.

Other Reasons
Apart from the above-mentioned points, there can be other reasons too that signs you need to change your conditioner and pick natural product for better results. If you have changed your city, it means that water and environment have also changed, making your tresses dry and rough. In such scenarios, always stick to Herbal Hair Conditioner that is effective and give you long-term effects. 

If your hair has recently started getting dry and losing shine and softness, then it may be due to one of the mentioned points. We would suggest you use organic products that work in all climatic conditions and seasons and also retain the quality for long.

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