Why Should You Use Natural Shampoo?

by Ankesh Kapoor Writer
For people who work in the health and fitness industry using natural shampoo has become common. They understand the harm caused by the chemically formulated products and prefer to use cosmetics which don’t harm their scalp and hair. 

If you haven’t switched your regular shampoo to organic yet, here are some reasons why you should - 

1. 100 % Organic - The natural hair shampoos composed of organic ingredients like Alma, Acacia concinna, Indian Soapberry, tea tree oil, shea butter etc. When you wash your head often residual matter is left on the skin. It can cause dandruff, irritation and leave your hair dry. The organic shampoos consist of herbs, at time of rinsing they easily get washed. However, in a hurry, if some residual is left on the hair you don’t have to worry. Unlike regular shampoo, it will not damage your hair.
2. Hair Cuticle - The outer layer of the hair that is visible to you is called the cuticle.  At times you moisture the hair, the cuticle open and the oil get absorbed. Now, think about what would happen if harsh chemicals entered the inner layers. Your hair will lose all its shine and lustre. This is what happens during shampooing. Using an amount that exceeds the quantity required to remove grit and dirt from your hair leads to open cuticle. Hair becomes fragile and breaks on being exposed to sunlight, pollution and excess combing.

The best organic shampoo closes the cuticles, locking the moisture and nutrients the hair absorbs.

3. Environment-Friendly - Not only you protect your own hair from getting damaged but also the environment. After you have a bath the water then seeps in the drainage. This water is recycled and disposed of the water bodies. Not all chemicals are destroyed in the sewage treatment process. Therefore, the harsh chemicals are consumed by the fishes. The entire food chain is disturbed. Using natural products you are really making a difference to the existing adverse environmental conditions.

4. Maintain pH - Do you know even your head has a pH level? The normal pH level for a head is between 4.5 to 5.5. A shampoo with a pH level lower or higher than the normal pH level can have a disastrous impact. It can have an adverse effect on your immune system and eyesight. Therefore, you are advised to check the pH for every hair product before buying them.

Reading the labels is important for picking the right shampoo. Choose a shampoo which has less than nine ingredients. Try DIY hair cleansers. They are cheap, with ingredients readily available at home and cheap. What you need is just a little time. 
Test a homemade shampoo before using it. Take a little amount and rub it on your skin. Didn't cause any irritation? It’s safe for use!

5. Eliminate Skin Problems - Is your scalp dry? The aloe vera and coconut oil extracts will reduce the dryness. Shea and glycerin butter will make your hair shiny while tea tree oil will heal skin diseases. thus, you get both cleaning and healing at the same time.

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