5 Questions You Should Ask When Designing a Logo

by Susan Mary Custom Logo Designer

We all recognize a great logo when we see one, but designing it is a lot trickier than it seems.

From conceptualization to configuration of font, color and geometry, all the way to rollout, there are certain expertise involved in designing a truly standout logo. You must ensure that the end result is a memorable, timeless, yet modern logo which sets you apart from your competition.

This is why, over the years, a number of logo design websites have appeared to offer this professional service to all kinds of companies. Logo design websites provide state-of-the-art logo design services to businesses through professional designers who have acquired the skill set necessary for creating exceptional logos.

It is critically important that your business gets the logo right the first time around to establish its place in the market with a bang. When you approach a logo design website to create a logo for your brand, be sure to ask these 5 important questions:

1. What kinds of logos are there?

Logos are typically separated into 4 categories. Wordmarks are multi-letter abbreviations or an unconnected word making up a logo, e.g. IBM, CNN, Google, and Kleenex etc. Letterform logos are created with emphasis on a single letter, e.g. Honda, Uber and McDonald’s. Pictorial logos are illustrated symbols, such as Twitter and Starbucks. Lastly, abstract logos are ones which don’t represent anything recognizable, such as the tick of Nike.

2. Which logo type is best suited to my company?

There is no one logo type which would suit every company. You must work together with professionals from a logo design website to determine which type of logo will suit your company and the personality of your brand. The end goal should be a logo which helps consumers remember you better than they remember your competition.

3. What should my logo convey about my company?

Every aspect of your logo – from the type to font to color – should communicate to the public what your company is all about. When potential customers come across your logo, they should immediately get a feel for your brand personality and your unique vision. They should also be able to understand by your logo that you are a professional, confident and successful business.

4. What color(s) should my logo be?

Your logo’s color choice is perhaps the most important aspect to consider during the design phase. For an exceptional logo, it is ideal to use a color which your biggest competitors don’t use in their own logos.

You should also consider the psychological effect that different colors have. For example, red is a bright color which conveys intensity, alertness and even a little shock. Yellow denotes cheerfulness and energy. Blue evokes trust, peace and confidence.

5. Where should my logo be displayed?

Logo design websites, in addition to design services, also offer to guide companies regarding the appropriate usage and applications of the logo, according to their own business specifications.

Most logo designers recommend that the logo be present on each page of your website, in all digital ad campaigns as well as on social media sites. Offline, your logo should be present at your office entrance, on all business cards, product packaging, uniform, stationary, contracts and promotional gifts.

These questions highlight the importance that logos hold in your company’s branding, popularity and ultimate success. Yet, it must be acknowledged that several logo design firms charge a lot for designing a professional logo.

However, there are a number of specialized logo design websites offering this service at lower costs as well, such as Pixels Logo Design. Whichever route you take, ensure that you enlist the help of a professional for your logo design so that you can make a mark in your industry from the get-go. 

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