5 Myths About Poker Rooms

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Poker is such a popular game that even those who don’t play the game think they know a lot about it. It may be a famous game, but there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. Those myths sometimes are also made worse by popular culture. Portrayal of poker in TV and movies don’t show what happens in poker rooms in India.

So, many people who play poker complain that the movies never get it right. There are few people who have never played at all, give advance opinions about the game, to people who have yet to try poker.

These poker room myths are easy to fall for. But only when you sit down to play you’ll understand that whatever you have ever heard is untrue. Here are five myths you must know before you play poker in India.

It is difficult to learn

People feel intimidated by poker. Some people who are willing to gamble in other casino games are afraid to venture into the poker room. They think that the game is hard to grasp.

But unlike casino games, here you compete against other players. It can cause hesitation, especially in those who are new to this game and think that they can play against opponents only when they have more experience.

For example, Texas hold’em is mostly described as a game which takes “a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.” Learning poker is not only easy, but learning how to win is also isn’t as hard as some 

It is not a gambling game

Over the long term, poker tends to reward better skilled players. But it also doesn’t mean that luck doesn't matter at all. It can matter a bit, especially on a given hand.

Poker tournaments are the best example of this truth. Here a player can go all-in with the better hand, only to lose and be eliminated.

It is a game played by outlaws

The legacy of poker is that it is a “cheating game” which is played by “card sharps”. It still influences some people’s view of the game. Movies and TVs have also contributed a lot to make this impression.

Modern poker rooms have licenses to operate a lot of surveillance to make the game fair and square. Online poker rooms in India also take a huge extensive measure to ensure that players are safe from cheating.

You have to have a good at poker face

It is considered as one of the most exaggerated aspects of poker that players have to be able to hide their expression.

Playing poker in a casino, you’re better off with an expression no matter whatever hand you get. But being able to put a stoic or unrevealing poker face is just a small part. Mostly players reveal a lot when playing a game.

It involves all luck

Many people who don’t play poker often equate this game with other casino games like roulette or slots, where the player doesn't have any control over the outcome when they are risking their money.

Some also believe that to win at poker, you also need to have the strongest hands. But people who have played this game know that it isn’t the case at all. Poker can be won without the best hand.

The cards that player’s dealt with affects your chances of success. But a player’s strategy also has a lot of role to play in whether or not a player wins or loses.

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