5 Major Lip Filler Benefits You Should Know

by Saalim Birch Digital Content Writer
Lip fillers are the most popular and recommended way to enhance lips. Fillers can add volume lost due to aging, plump naturally thin lips, and accentuate facial features with quick, in-office injections. With little pain and no surgery, men and women seek lip fillers for instant lip enhancement. Here are 5 major lip filler benefits.

#1: Several Filler Options

Products like Restylane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid fillers frequently injected into the lips to provide plumpness and general aesthetic enhancement. Restylane and Juvederm both offer multiple fillers for the lips. At most plastic surgery practices, this will be the extent of their lip enhancement offerings. However, there are several other options.

Fat transfer, platelet-rich plasma, Botox, and other surgical options like a lip lift can all provide noticeable and lasting enhancement to the lips. Discuss with your plastic surgeon if these options are viable for you.

#2: Natural-Looking Results

Lip filler Raleigh, NC tends to look and feel perfectly natural. Hyaluronic acid fillers—once they settle—should feel supple and close to the natural feel of your lips. Fat and other injectable options may look and feel even more natural than HA fillers. Also, your injector can likely do both natural and exaggerated-looking results. If you opt for more subtle results, it is likely that people will notice your refreshed appearance, but not your filled lips.

If natural results are the most important factor to you, you may consider fat transfer to the lips. Your plastic surgeon will take a small amount of fat from elsewhere on your body using liposuction and add it to the lips. Since this is your fat, it will look and feel natural. However, this is a surgical procedure—albeit a quick and minimally invasive procedure—and the results can be permanent. Permanent results may be perfect for some, but off-putting for other patients who have not yet made up their mind.

#3: Results Improve Over Time

Immediately following lip injections Raleigh, NC, you will likely see a difference in your lips. Over the next two weeks, your lips will fully settle and any swelling should resolve. During this time, certain fillers can draw in more moisture to provide more of a plumping effect. Juvederm is a great filler if you want to take advantage of this effect.

However, you can also build on your results gradually. If you have very thin lips and want thick, juicy ones, it will likely take multiple sessions to achieve this. Both dermal fillers and PRP may be utilized. If you choose to use platelet-rich plasma, make sure to see a PRP therapy specialist who sees cosmetic patients. 

#4: Few Side Effects

It is normal to experience some side effects, even after a small medical procedure such as lip filler Raleigh, NC. However, due to improved techniques and equipment, injectors can limit the side effects seen following lip filler. For example, bruising is fairly rare following lip filler injections because of gentler techniques and increased use of cannulas for lip injections.

Swelling and a small amount of soreness are normal and generally go away quickly for most people. Still, injectors tend to wait two weeks for all residual swelling to settle before evaluating your final results. It is possible for patients to experience no side effects, especially if they regularly get lip filler injections.

#5: Little Downtime or Recovery

Unlike a larger plastic surgery procedure, there are a few limitations following lip filler Raleigh, NC. Patients may need to refrain from exercising for about 24 hours and sleep on their backs. In some cases, an injector may advise massaging the lips. Despite a few small limitations, patients can return to work immediately following their lip filler injections and can go about normal life.

No anesthesia beyond numbing cream is necessary and patients do not require pain medication following the procedure. They can take over-the-counter pain medications if they experience soreness or discomfort.


Lip fillers enhance the lips by adding volume. This can treat aging lips, and thin lips, and even reduce the appearance of scarring on the lips in some cases. Overall, lip filler can contribute to a younger look, create fuller lips that go well with existing facial features, and even act as a reconstructive tool in some cases.

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