5 Incredible Sci-Fi Technologies That Will Give Tough Competition to the Existing Ones

by Randhir Pandey Team Lead - Marketing

Every minute the space between Science and Fiction is shrinking because of some incredible technological advancement. Classic science fiction novels or Sci-Fi movies are a major inspiration for scientists over the globe. These mediums project various socio-scientific issues and propel innovative way outs that see into the future.

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Energy Weapons

You must have read the use of Laser Pistols or Ray guns in the Golden Age Sci-Fi stories. Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and other Sci-Fi heroes have already defeated their antagonists with the aid of these beam weapons. U.S. Navy is now all set to install the latest Laser Weapons System to face-off the nautical battles in the Persian Gulf.

FTL (Faster-Than-Light) Travel

The FTL concept already exists in the fictional universe of Star Trek and Star Wars but the idea is yet to be a reality. Some intriguing blueprints regarding this wrap drive is on the table since 1994 and scientists believe that the idea may materialize in the near future.

Psi Phenomena:

Professor Xavier, of ‘The X-Men’ comic series, amplifies his innate telepathic powers with the help of Cerebro Machine. John Kruth, of Rhine Research Center, is presently researching on a project based on that Psi Phenomena. According to the Journal of Parapsychology, the study of empirically measuring bio-photons, emitted from human bodies of martial artists, yogic practitioners, and holistic healers, is at the concluding stage.


Cyberdyne, a renowned robotics company, has recently started trialling its HAL 5 full-body exoskeleton in multiple hospitals. Every Sci-Fi film From ‘Aliens’ to ‘Avatar’ goes for special-effects to project exoskeletons in the most realistic approach. US, Europe and Asia already operate this robotic system in medical and military fields.

Stealth Suits

Think about radical activists becoming virtually invisible! Long before William Gibson has depicted about mimetic polycarbonate Stealth Suits in his cyber punk novel, ‘Neuromancer’. NSA is about to launch the new range of shadow wears designed by Adam Harvey.

Science Fictions engage your imagination and compel you to envisage about the unimaginable gears. Though these inventions seem unthinkable, once invented they may throw tough competitions to the existing ones.

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