Wondering How to Spot Genuine Reviews? Here is How!

by Randhir Pandey Team Lead - Marketing

Are you for the first time, thinking about hiring a writing agency to help you with your pending assignments? Then, you must check what others have experienced with any particular writing service provider. The background check process would take some time, but you must not skip it if you really do not want to end up with a genuine service provider.

In case you are already considering to get in touch with any high rated service provider, let is congratulate you as you are already way ahead of other students who are still confused about who to hire. However, how do you come to know that a website is high rates? By checking reviews, stats and testimonials, right? Are you sure, what you have learnt about any particular website is true? If not, then this post is meant for you.

Why choosing the best rated agencies is the right thing to do?

Agencies, which offer you extensive service on multiple subjects and are operating in various countries for years are more concerned about their credibility than those who are basically newbie. High rated agencies thing twice before spamming or cheating students. Websites like, and are working in multiple countries and are offering help on extensive ranges of subjects. These websites have earned high students’ satisfaction rate, stats on their websites are highly impressive. Therefore, in case you have decided to hire experts from any high rated agencies to help you with you tough paper, then be stress-free, as you can expect only the best. To check what other students have to say about these writing agencies, you can always check reviews or  assessments targeting on highly acclaimed websites on multiple review-publishing sites. You will get plenty my assignment help or other websites-focused reviews on all reputed review sites, but to check their accuracy, you must know some tips.

If you are wondering is high rated sites like my assignment help reliable? Then yes, these are. However, in case you have seen bad assessments about any otherwise highly praised website on review sites then probably you might have seen some fake one. Do not come to any conclusion just by reading few reviews, check accuracy of those reviews to avoid losing opportunities.

How to spot fake reviews

Spotting my assignment help reviews are quite easy if you know what to look for while reading an evaluation. Yes, some reputed review sites are also filled with fake assessments. To detect fraudulent reviews, you can go by these following points.

1. Scanning language

The first thing that should incite suspicion in our mind is excessive positive language. No agency can be all good and when a genuine reviewer post reviews they discuss good aspects as well as flaws. All positive evaluations are likely to be fake.

2. Check dates

Dates can clearly indicate if evaluations are fake or are written by genuine students. You need to pay particular attention to the dates of posted reviews, if many positive reviews are written and published on the same date or if a bunch of positive reviews floods the page at once then probably you are looking at stories, not true experiences. 

3. By considering language choice

Fake reviewers are not mainly English speakers for that reason you can easily spot the difference in language. In fake evaluations, you would be able to spot some weird language choice.

4. Check, who exactly is writing those reviews?

If you are serious about checking who is writing any review, you can click on the user's name. Keep an eye for those who are only posting positive assessments with the glowing word.  Only positive talk is highly suspicious, and that might be a sign that you are actually looking at the profile of a fake reviewer. By clicking on the name, you will get redirected to the public profile of the reviewers, and if it's a fake reviewer, you won't be able to find any reliable information about him. 

5. Having stalking skills, it can pay off now

To actually spot a fake reviewer, you need to go for thorough background checking. If the site you are looking at, reveals the first name and the last name of a reviewer, try to find the person on Google. On Googling, you will get to check if the name matches with any actual person’s Facebook or Twitter account. Then check the about section of the profile, does it matches the description provided on the review site? If not then the reviewer is fake.

6. Don’t get fooled by actual picture

Many fake reviewers steal others’ photo and post it as their display picture on review sites. So do not be assured of one’s identity only by looking at a picture. As, you never know the person on the picture can be someone else.

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